Running in Portsmouth, NH – RunLog 5-8-18

Road Trip Time.

Yeah, me the guy who never goes much of anywhere went on a road trip to New Hampshire to run and have a good lunch with Sam Winebaum. He writes a lot about my favorite subjects – running shoes and other things running over at the

Of course once I got into Portsmouth, I got lost and couldn’t find where I was supposed to meet Sam and I didn’t think to use my Apple Maps app. So Sam had to talk me in over the phone – kind of old style.

Once I finally got there, we talked and gabbed a bit about running shoes, he showed me the Nike VaporFly 4% and let me run a bit in them around the parking lot. Pretty darn impressive to say the least. We also looked at the new Altra Torins and discussed the differences between the two models he had. Continue reading “Running in Portsmouth, NH – RunLog 5-8-18”