Running in Portsmouth, NH – RunLog 5-8-18

Road Trip Time.

Yeah, me the guy who never goes much of anywhere went on a road trip to New Hampshire to run and have a good lunch with Sam Winebaum. He writes a lot about my favorite subjects – running shoes and other things running over at the

Of course once I got into Portsmouth, I got lost and couldn’t find where I was supposed to meet Sam and I didn’t think to use my Apple Maps app. So Sam had to talk me in over the phone – kind of old style.

Once I finally got there, we talked and gabbed a bit about running shoes, he showed me the Nike VaporFly 4% and let me run a bit in them around the parking lot. Pretty darn impressive to say the least. We also looked at the new Altra Torins and discussed the differences between the two models he had.

The run was just a lot of fun, we even talked about a bunch of things beyond running shoes. We went up around New Castle – it is just beautiful up through there. I even got to see a couple of Coast Guard Cutters in the distance. The photos tell the story better than I can.

The run was not about speed, it was about enjoying the beautiful area and great company.

After we got done running, I asked Sam if I could do a short run in the VF 4%’s just to get a better feel for them and he graciously allowed me to run in them again. All I can say is WOW!!! I can’t really do justice to how great the shoes are, but they do feel like they propel you forward a bit more than other shoes I have run in, which in turn seemed to let me run a bit easier at the faster pace I was running at.

I hit some speeds in that short run that I haven’t approached in a long time and this was after 6.7 miles. A very impressive short run in them, but at the $250 price point, the amount of improvement that the VF 4%’s more than likely give me…I question if it would be great enough to justify the cost. That and the wife would kill me, so I will pass for now.

We went for a great lunch at Anju’s over in Kittery, where we talked more about running shoes, life and Sam invited me to his place to look at some of the shoes that he has been and will be reviewing on his blog. I think I had more fun looking at all the running shoes and trying on more than a few pair to see how they felt. It gave me an idea on some shoes that I really want to look more closely at, especially a pair of Salomon’s – I fell in love with them.

I may or may not have left with a few more shoes for my rotation. 🙂

I even found my way back to Kittery without any GPS help from his house and stopped at the Saucony Outlet store. No, I didn’t buy anything, but I did see some shoes that I liked, but they didn’t have the running cap I was looking for.

Thank you Sam for a fantastic day, where I got to geek out about running, running shoes and so many other things that gabbed about over the course of the day. Also thank you for letting me geek out over your running shoe collection – I learned a lot and had a lot of fun.

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