Back Cove Portland Loop – RunLog 5-8-18

Okay, I am a glutton for punishment, I admit it. After leaving New Hampshire, stopped off in Portland and ran Back Cove. It was more I just couldn’t sit in the truck any longer, the port-a-potty called my name (that darn Starbucks medium coffee came back to haunt me) and I love running Back Cove.

So with those three factors going on, I decided why not take a break and do a lap around the Cove.

Crap almighty, that first mile sucked bad!!!

Even with the wind at my back.

Running over 6.0 miles with Sam, playing with the VaporFly 4% and a few other shoes, made sure that my legs felt more than a little trashed from earlier in the day.

However, I really wanted to see how the Saucony Liberty’s felt compared to the Zealot 3’s. There is a pretty big difference especially in how firm they felt. Running Back Cove was not ideal for the Liberty’s there was a huge difference in how they performed/felt on tar versus the hard packed dirt path. On the tar you could really feel the Everun midsole materials energy return, on the dirt they too felt firm without a lot of anything else going on.

Getting back to the run.

By the time I got going up the little bump to the 295 bridge, the legs had gotten the message that it was time to run — again. I didn’t push hard, but kept a nice steady pace. As I got around to the back side of the cove, I could see a runner in one of those safety yellow shirts that I like so much off in the distance. I kept track of the shirt and noticed that I was gaining on the runner.

Which reminds me of why in a race, I prefer a more neutral color – people that are behind you will focus in on a bright shirt and be more likely to attempt to pick you off, where if you are wearing a less colorful one, they might not hone in on it quite so much. At least that is what I do.

So I kept plugging along and just before the 3.0 mile marker I passed the runner. Then of course I might have sped up just a bit to ensure that he didn’t pass me back. As if he really cared, but that competitive side of me just does things like that. Little imaginary racing, when the other person doesn’t have a clue what you are doing.

Actually once I got my legs to cooperate, I had a nice consistent lap around Back Cove, although the wind was blowing pretty hard coming back towards the parking lot. Some people were even wearing winter hats and gloves – I didn’t think it was that cold, being in shorts and t-shirt, but I didn’t dilly-dally either when it came time to get back in the truck.

Good run and the Liberty’s might be a more comfortable running shoe for me on the roads than the Zealot, although the Mets did get a little sore towards the end of the run. I wonder if it has anything to do with the internal part of the ISO Fit that holds the tongue and might be just enough to squeeze my feet to cause the metatarsals to bother. Since both the Zealot 3’s and the Liberty’s seemed to bother in the same places in the forefoot.

Although the Liberty is a much heavier shoe at 10.3 ounces than the Zealot 3’s 8.4 ounces. It feels a little more comfortable in the forefoot area – it might just be my imagination, but…

Guess I will just have to run more in them to figure it out.

One thought on “Back Cove Portland Loop – RunLog 5-8-18

  1. Looks like a beautiful run course and day! Need to remember that note about race shirt colors, though. I don’t want to be a target!

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