Unexpected Rest Day – RunLog 5/10/18

Well…I wasn’t planning on not running today, although I had a streak of 13 days going, I fully intended to run at least the Middle Road Loop.

However, with the snow is gone, the frost out of the ground and temps are warming up, we noticed that we are starting to need electricity in the garage. So this morning we had the electrician coming to look at the garage to see why there was no electricity going to it We lost power to the garage back in February, but since we don’t do a lot in the winter out there – it wasn’t really a big deal.

The electrician quickly figured out the problem was between the house and garage. Pretty much what we had thought and another reason why we had waited until the weather warmed up. Digging a trench in February, in Maine just ain’t all that much fun.

The solution meant that I was going to get a different type workout in today.

Yeah, I got to dig up the old electrical line (yes, we turned off the circuit breaker – my hair is curly enough), while the electrician went to get supplies, I got out the shovel and proceeded to dig a 2 foot deep trench from the house to the garage.

That shoveling dirt stuff, hell it is almost like damn work and there is not doubt that I would much rather have run double-digits than do the digging.

It seems that whomever wired the garage didn’t get all of the stumps out of the previous trench and the wire on top of the stump was less than 3 inches under the ground when I uncovered that section. The the cable covering was trashed and the electrical cable appeared to be stretched. We all tended to think that this was the problem and he replaced the entire line.

The work is done, the cable re-buried, the house put back together and we have power to the garage.

A very good thing and it left a pretty damn tired old fart once it was done.

I had thought that I would just go for a run this afternoon, but when I looked at my running log and saw that I had 13 days in a row, it was time for a day off anyway. Which took the stress off “having” to get out there, especially since I was still pretty toasty after doing something that was so upper body intensive and I only have minor chicken wings for arms.

I am glad I got power back, but it also means that I can’t procrastinate some of the projects that Mary has lined up for me, with the excuse we don’t have power in the garage anymore. Not that I would ever do that kind of thing.

Oh well, I got my weight lifting in this morning and sort of had a rest day — well from running anyways.

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