Not What I Expected & Angry Hamstring – RunLog 4-12-18

The plan today was to go out and do an easy 5.0 miler around the Middle Road. The temps were perfect, just a bit of a breeze and I was feeling really good, good enough to work more on keeping my feet straight. Plus I needed just about 5.0 miles to get 50 miles on my Saucony Zealot 3’s.

Unfortunately, that feeling good part did not last.

I started out easy and went pretty much by effort than attempting to hit any particular pace. I did work on keeping my feet straight and felt that it did help with keeping my feet feeling good.

Going down Philbrick Hill, I naturally picked up a little speed and just worked on maintaining my level of effort. Although if you look at the graph you can see how many vehicles I met while running and had to move over to the dirt shoulder. Each one of the dips is when I had to move off to the shoulder and then move back on the tar when a vehicle or vehicles went by, well until the 3.0 mile point.

When I got to the Town Garage road, I picked up the pace again because there was a vehicle that was waiting to turn while I was in the middle of the road. Then when I started going up the little hill on the other side I had to get over on the should a couple of times. Continue reading “Not What I Expected & Angry Hamstring – RunLog 4-12-18”

Altra Running How I Would Love Thee At 4-6MM

Last Tuesday, I did something I have not done in a long, long time. I ran in Altra Running Shoes. Actually that day I ran short distances in three Altra Running Models and it reminded me of how much I loved Altra Running shoes and that I probably should try them again.

I have been thinking about Altra Running a lot since Tuesday.

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