Altra Running How I Would Love Thee At 4-6MM

Last Tuesday, I did something I have not done in a long, long time. I ran in Altra Running Shoes. Actually that day I ran short distances in three Altra Running Models and it reminded me of how much I loved Altra Running shoes and that I probably should try them again.

I have been thinking about Altra Running a lot since Tuesday.

After all, I started with the Instinct 1, had a couple versions of 2, Superior, Three Sum, Torin 1 & 2 and put a lot mileage on them. I even got to meet some of the Altra staff when I was at the Runner’s World inaugural event back in 2012 – super nice bunch of people to say the least.

Harold, if you loved Altra Running shoes so much, why did you stop?

Unfortunately, after I partially tore my left Achilles’ tendon it barks too loudly at me when I wear zero drop shoes and continues to let me know how unhappy it is going to become if I keep running in that style of running shoe. I know I have tried more than once to get back into zero drop, but never seem to be able to get past my balky Achilles Tendon issues, even when I put in a 4-6 riser in the heel. There is just something about them the drop needs to be an integral part of the shoe’s design, not an add-in

So for the most part if a shoe’s stats say zero drop, I just move on and they are not part of the thought process whenever I am ready to get a pair of new shoes (which hardly ever happens in the Shaw household, much to my wife’s displeasure).

However, when I ran in the Torin’s on Tuesday, it brought back a flood of memories and reminded me of how much I enjoyed running in Altra shoes. The only thing holding me back from running out and getting a pair of those Torin 3.5 Mesh when they become available in the blue is that they are zero drop.

Photo I took of Sam Winebaum of Road, Trail, Run wearing both versions of the Torins.

I know that philosophically Altra Running is a Zero-Drop running shoe company and that the chances of them ever changing that are slim to none. After all it has worked well for them so far.

However, I just want to say I would be one of the first to quickly run out and get a pair of Altra Running Shoes if they had a 4-6 mm drop option in one model line – preferably the Torin’s (hint, hint).

Not all of us can run successfully in zero drop shoes, but having a higher drop option available for the ones that can’t or don’t want to, would increase the number of runners that might be in Altra Running shoes.

Just a thought from the peanut gallery.

Although at some point in the next few months I can see me trying yet again to see if I can run in Altra’s, I just needed to be reminded how much I do like them. Who knows maybe the Achilles is now strong enough to handle zero drop – at least I hope that is the case, because I really, really loved the way those Torin’s felt on my feet.

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