Not What I Expected & Angry Hamstring – RunLog 4-12-18

The plan today was to go out and do an easy 5.0 miler around the Middle Road. The temps were perfect, just a bit of a breeze and I was feeling really good, good enough to work more on keeping my feet straight. Plus I needed just about 5.0 miles to get 50 miles on my Saucony Zealot 3’s.

Unfortunately, that feeling good part did not last.

I started out easy and went pretty much by effort than attempting to hit any particular pace. I did work on keeping my feet straight and felt that it did help with keeping my feet feeling good.

Going down Philbrick Hill, I naturally picked up a little speed and just worked on maintaining my level of effort. Although if you look at the graph you can see how many vehicles I met while running and had to move over to the dirt shoulder. Each one of the dips is when I had to move off to the shoulder and then move back on the tar when a vehicle or vehicles went by, well until the 3.0 mile point.

When I got to the Town Garage road, I picked up the pace again because there was a vehicle that was waiting to turn while I was in the middle of the road. Then when I started going up the little hill on the other side I had to get over on the should a couple of times.

Just before the 3.0 mile mark, my right hamstring tightened up. It happened just after speeding up and getting off and back on the road. So something at that point pissed off my hamstring.

Looking back, I still am not sure what happened, but all I knew is that the right hamstring was not happy.

I made it a little past that point and stopped to massage it a little and it seemed to feel a little better. So I started off slowly and unfortunately things didn’t improve. By the time I got up to the Wolf Creek Farm Store, I knew that it wasn’t going to be too smart to keep running – the hamstring wasn’t getting any better.

So I stopped.

Now, I have run on my hamstring when it has felt worse, but paid for it in several days off and a summer of fighting hamstring issues. I walked the 1.6 miles left of the run home.

Not quite the way I thought the run would go, but sometime you just have to deal with what happens and try to be smart about things. Today I was almost smart.

I did learn how to get the lacing on the Zealot’s so that they do bother my feet quite as much and so they will have a more consistent fit from run-to-run, by double threading the laces through the last ISO Fit lace hole.

Also the Zealot’s are slightly narrower in the forefoot than the Liberty’s in my opinion, but feel more cushy — trade offs . However, being narrower didn’t really bother me during the run this morning, especially now that I am not super snugging up the uppers each time I put that them on.

I have a feeling that I will take 2-5 days off, just to let the hamstring calm down and stop whispering nasty things about me and running. Although I didn’t quite make the 50 mile point, I don’t see things changing all that much.

Definitely not the run I had been expecting.

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