Happy Mother’s Day and Week in Review 5-13-18

Well since I will not be running for at least a couple of days, I can start my week in review post a little earlier than usual.

First Off – Happy Mother’s Day to all you mom’s out there. My mom died a few years back and I miss her every day.

Yeah, things are definitely different without Mom around.

Let’s get to the week in review part of the post – a LOT happened this week.

Nothing serious as far as injuries go, just a slight right hamstring strain happened during yesterday’s run that is telling me that I screwed up a little on my training, by doing my 5.0 mile hills route a little too aggressively. Especially, the day after I did a pretty nice 7.0 miler. With my hamstrings I have to be very careful because I don’t want a repeat of 2014 and waste another summer because I didn’t let the problem fully heal before I got back to running.

So I will take a little time on this end to make for more running on the other end.

Photo by Sam Winebaum – Road, Trail, Run

Really it has been a pretty great week. I got to go down and visit Sam Winebaum, run around New Castle , NH, geek out on running shoes for a while and mostly enjoy Sam’s company and conversation. He is a great guy and definitely knows running shoes, you can read his blog Road, Trail, Run and learn so much about running, running shoe and other gear.

Photo by Sam Winebaum – Road, Trail, Run

I did get to run in the Nike Vapor Fly 4% and the short run that I did in them impressed me a LOT, although I can’t see me running out and buying a pair of 8.0’s or 8.5’s anytime soon. That $250 price really slows up my want versus the need factor. For me I don’t think that the price is going to improve my times by enough that it really would matter in the overall scheme of things. In other words I am not that good of a runner to begin with and wouldn’t do justice to the shoes.

Also I got to run in three different pair of Altra’s, which reminded me of why I used to love Altra Running shoes so much and I wrote a blog post about how I would love to see them put out a 4-6mm drop running shoe. The zero drop just tends to bother my left Achilles’ tendon too much and I end up not being able to run very well if I run in zero drop shoes too much. You can read more about that here

After leaving NH that day, I even did a run around one of my all-time running spots – Back Cove in Portland. There is something about running around Back Cove, the smell of the ocean, seeing other people out being active, a mostly flat 3.5 mile loop and memories that I have made over the years while running there when I was in the Coast Guard, with Mary when we were first together, the snowstorm run with Mary and Christie and so many others. Yeah, I love running around Back Cove – although I always called it Back Bay.

We did finally get the electricity back in the garage, that also became a “rest” day when I had to dig a two foot deep trench to replace the electrical cable between the house and garage. To say that I was sore the next day would be an understatement. I wonder if that digging had anything to do with my hamstring finally telling me nasty things?

I did come back from New Hampshire with a few new-to-me shoes to try out thanks to Sam. I am liking the Saucony Liberty’s, ASICS Road Hawk and Altra Lone Peak 2.5’s. The other shoes that I brought home I haven’t had enough time to really try much more than a short walk with Bennie – so many to try, not enough time to do them justice.

I was having lots of issues with my Zealot 3’s and we brainstormed for a bit about things and continued to discuss some of those issues in a Facebook page we both belong to. There is something about the ISO Fit upper that was not working well for me. Although I might have stumbled across a couple of things that might be part of the solution to making them a better choice for me.

First – getting a consistent fit from run-to-run wasn’t happening, the lacing was very finicky, so I thought about looping the lace through the upper ISO Fit lace slot twice to lock in the lace. That seems to have helped a lot.

Second – It seems that I probably deal with metatarsalgia and have to be very aware of how wide the forefoot of a running shoe is for me (not that I didn’t do that for the most part), but even though the Saucony ISO Fit in the Zealot 3 and Liberty models feels fine, there is a slight snugness that is always there. I tend to believe that this always on snugness tends to squeeze my metatarsals just enough that after 2-3 miles they start to bother.

When I am running a little quicker (when I am not not heel-striking as badly), I tend to land on the outside of my forefoot, which is compounded by my feet looking more like a V than two II. So when I focused on running with straight feet in the Liberty’s the forefoot discomfort went away and I was able to run freely in them. Then yesterday when I did the same thing in the Zealot 3’s – there was no discomfort in forefoot at all (although the hamstring did decide to talk dirty to me).

I just have to work on keep those feet straight – which is tougher than you think after all these years and yes, I have attempted this several times over the years, but now I have a feeling that it is something that I have to do if I plan to keep running without discomfort as often.

Overall, a very, very good week, even including the barking hamstrings. Overuse injuries are going to happen, it is more how I respond to them and this time I seem to be doing thing the way I should, instead of just bulldozing through and causing more damage than I need to.

I am really glad that I had the chance to go run and talk running with Sam.

2 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day and Week in Review 5-13-18

  1. making room on this end to have more on the other end is smart. Wish I were that smart! Still a nice week and hope you’re feeling better soon to run soon again!

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