Surprise 2.0 Miler – RunLog 5-15-18

Yeah, I didn’t think that I would run until later this week, if at all. After Saturday’s shortened run due to my right hamstring complaining way too much, I decided to take a few days off and let my hamstring stop complaining.

Sunday was a really easy day and I forced myself to to rest – well actually I mowed the lawn, but otherwise I behaved myself and the hamstring while it was not real thrilled about the lawn mowing, it didn’t complain that much.

Monday, actually was easier on the hamstring than Sunday, I just played carpenter for the day and created a new critter seed/food cabinet from two free kitchen cabinets that one of the neighbors conveniently left at the end of their drive way with a “free” sign on them. I even did a mile on the elliptical without any issues.

Today was a long walk down-back with Bennie and Mary where we fought the black flies and the blackflies kicked our arses. Once we made it back, I got on the elliptical and did 6.0 miles at a sub 5:00 minute pace, without any discomfort at all.

So that was very encouraging!!!

Based on that I really wanted to go for a run later in the day for my second workout after 4:00 PM. I did my pre-run warm-ups and when I started I almost shut it right down. There was still a lot of tightness in the hamstring, but that was all it was – tightness. I kept it slow and decided to keep going figured that I could stop at any point where it started to get tighter or sore in anyway.

While I was running, I really focused on keeping my stride short, feet straight and running slow. It worked, I was able to get through 2.0 miles without any issues. However, towards the end of the run my right hamstring started to feel tired. When that feeling started, I knew that I wasn’t going to do more than the 2.0 miles.

Not a long run, but it was a good run and it gives me confidence that the hamstring is doing a LOT better. I will continue to be conservative on what I do and if it starts to feel more than simply being tight, I will shut it down and walk it back. Just have to be careful and listen closely to how much that hamstring complains to me.

Saucony Zealot ISO 3 – 50 Mile Review

Have you ever had a shoe that you bought, loved the initial step-in fit and feel that you decided that your first run in them was going to be your weekly long run. After about 3-4 miles in you go to yourself “you really are stoopid aren’t you!” Then you suffer more than you want for the rest of the run.

That is pretty much how I introduced myself to the Saucony Zealot 3’s a few weeks ago and since then I have been struggling to find that happy place of being able to run in these shoes without forefoot discomfort. Now to be honest, some of my discomfort with the Zealot’s is a function of how I run and how the Z3’s reward a slightly different running style – probably not really a bad thing.

However, there is just something that is “right” about the Zealot’s that I want to keep tweaking things to help me run more comfortably in the shoes.

Disclosure: These are a personal purchase through Amazon, all opinions and observations are definitely my own. Continue reading “Saucony Zealot ISO 3 – 50 Mile Review”