Running on the Rail Trail – RunLog 5-16-18

This morning I got to run on the Rail Trail down in Augusta. It is one of my favorite places to run in the area and after yesterday’s 2.0 miles, I wanted to see how the hamstring felt today.

No problems.

When I got down there, they were working on the new trailhead and the trail extension down to the lower parking lot, so it was a little bit of an adventure getting over to the trail.

The guy on the bobcat got out and talked with me for a second and showed me how to get through the area – guess I must have looked lost. It was more I didn’t want to get run over by the dump trucks that were playing around when I was heading over to the trail from the truck. The photo is after I got through running and things had settled down a lot. 🙂

I did my pre-run warm-up, which I think does help get the body ready to run. Today I focused on keeping my feet straight and then after the first mile worked on increasing the cadence from yesterday. However, I did purposely keep the stride length shorter, which seems to not bother the hamstring as much.

Speaking of the hamstring, it did really well and loosened up a lot by the end of the second mile, but I kept things conservative. While my splits were faster each mile, I didn’t push and kept my stride very controlled. When I got done, I really thought about doing another mile or two, but I decided to be smart and just stopped.

I ran in the Saucony Liberty ISO and the small change I made to double-up through the last lace loop worked nicely. Since I made that change, the Liberty’s have had a more consistent fit and I am liking them quite a bit.

The photo below is why I like the Rail Trail so much.

Why Do I Still Do Running Shoe Reviews

Yesterday another runner in a Facebook group I am a member of made an off-hand observation/suggestion/feedback/comment about reviewing running shoes to me, after I shared my Saucony Zealot ISO 3 review there. Which got me to thinking about why I am still writing running shoe reviews on my blog and if they serve any purpose.

Let’s get real, my background as runner does not make me an expert on running shoes or running in general. I am not a certified coach, have not worked in the running industry, designed running shoes or was an running insider of any sort.

I am a never-was runner, who never accomplished anything grand or special as a runner, other than I am still running all these years later. My best times are very pedestrian and certainly not of any consequence in the grand scheme of things.

My biggest claim to fame is that I have made just about every mistake that a runner can make and worn a lot of running shoes while making those mistakes. As a result of those experiences and shall we say learning opportunities, I have a bit of knowledge of how to make running shoes more my own – you know, beyond how they come in the box. Continue reading “Why Do I Still Do Running Shoe Reviews”