Running on the Rail Trail – RunLog 5-16-18

This morning I got to run on the Rail Trail down in Augusta. It is one of my favorite places to run in the area and after yesterday’s 2.0 miles, I wanted to see how the hamstring felt today.

No problems.

When I got down there, they were working on the new trailhead and the trail extension down to the lower parking lot, so it was a little bit of an adventure getting over to the trail.

The guy on the bobcat got out and talked with me for a second and showed me how to get through the area – guess I must have looked lost. It was more I didn’t want to get run over by the dump trucks that were playing around when I was heading over to the trail from the truck. The photo is after I got through running and things had settled down a lot. 🙂

I did my pre-run warm-up, which I think does help get the body ready to run. Today I focused on keeping my feet straight and then after the first mile worked on increasing the cadence from yesterday. However, I did purposely keep the stride length shorter, which seems to not bother the hamstring as much.

Speaking of the hamstring, it did really well and loosened up a lot by the end of the second mile, but I kept things conservative. While my splits were faster each mile, I didn’t push and kept my stride very controlled. When I got done, I really thought about doing another mile or two, but I decided to be smart and just stopped.

I ran in the Saucony Liberty ISO and the small change I made to double-up through the last lace loop worked nicely. Since I made that change, the Liberty’s have had a more consistent fit and I am liking them quite a bit.

The photo below is why I like the Rail Trail so much.

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