Why Do I Still Do Running Shoe Reviews

Yesterday another runner in a Facebook group I am a member of made an off-hand observation/suggestion/feedback/comment about reviewing running shoes to me, after I shared my Saucony Zealot ISO 3 review there. Which got me to thinking about why I am still writing running shoe reviews on my blog and if they serve any purpose.

Let’s get real, my background as runner does not make me an expert on running shoes or running in general. I am not a certified coach, have not worked in the running industry, designed running shoes or was an running insider of any sort.

I am a never-was runner, who never accomplished anything grand or special as a runner, other than I am still running all these years later. My best times are very pedestrian and certainly not of any consequence in the grand scheme of things.

My biggest claim to fame is that I have made just about every mistake that a runner can make and worn a lot of running shoes while making those mistakes. As a result of those experiences and shall we say learning opportunities, I have a bit of knowledge of how to make running shoes more my own – you know, beyond how they come in the box.I responded back to the commenter with:

…Thank you for the advice on the reviews, but I am just doing the reviews for fun and they show my experiences to find that best setup, that might give an idea or two to another runner who might be having the same issues with shoes or something to look at prior to their going out and getting them.

Once upon a time I blogged for different reasons than I do today and wrote more in line with that was suggested. However, I am not blogging professionally now and really have no plans for Aging Runnah to go in that direction. I write here because I enjoy writing about running and yes, talking about running shoes.

When I write reviews about running shoes on Aging Runnah, it isn’t about getting another runner to look at those shoes or to represent any particular Brand – it is just my experiences with that pair of shoes, how I have attempted to make them my running shoes, the changes or tweaks made to the brand’s original setup and how things worked out for me in them.

My reviews are usually of older models that are on close-out, so they are probably meant for a different audience than most running shoe reviewers target, who tend to write about newly released models. Although once in a while I might get lucky and review a fairly recent release, it is not something that happens all that often.

Quite honestly, I do not really have a lot of running shoes to review and no deadlines to meet shoe release dates since the majority of my running shoe reviews are running shoes that are a previous year’s models that I purchase, unless I get lucky with a trade or someone gives me a pair of running shoes. My dog Bennie is unusually generous as far as giving me running shoes when he see that I need a new pair – he is a pretty good dog. πŸ™‚

The reviews I write are about my experiences with running shoes after 50 miles, 200 miles or not very often 400 miles, along with an end of use review – if there is a particular reason that I feel the need to do one. Obviously, not all running shoes make it all those distances for me.

Unfortunately, the 50 mile review has become more of fool’s gold review and I am thinking seriously about changing to 100 mile initial reviews, because of the way running shoes seem to change for me between 50 and 100 miles – that important once they are broke in time frame that is the true measure of how a pair of running shoes work for me.

I am lucky that I have the time and tend to think it is important to have someone write about more than just an initial review about how a pair of running shoes hold up over the long-run. Yeah, I couldn’t resist.

The reality is

I would like to believe that my running shoe reviews are useful to a certain audience of runners. Then again, every so often I might even have an idea or experience that other runners might use to help them with a particular issue they are having with their new running shoes – to make the Brand’s running shoe – their running shoe, one that works for their individual running style, by tweaking something.

So I will continue to have fun with writing my reviews and sharing my ideas on running shoes for as long as I keep going through way too many running shoes. πŸ™‚

What do you think?

Are there changes that you would like to see me make to the way I write my reviews or things that I could differently/better to make them more useful to more runners?

4 thoughts on “Why Do I Still Do Running Shoe Reviews

  1. Hi Harold! Just wanted to comment to say I do enjoy your reviews and often find useful things in them. I appreciate seeing the viewpoint of a fellow “never-was” runner πŸ™‚
    Thanks for doing what you do!

  2. As my younger daughter often says, “You do you”. There is no doubt in my mind that you provide useful and insightful observations on running shoes, speaking in terms which the “everyday runner” understands and relates. The fact that you have no ulterior motive (salary, deadlines, sponsorships, etc.) to write your reviews should be of particular interest to any runner. Your observation about 50-mile reviews being “fools gold” is informative in and of itself. You do you, Harold; no one is better at that than you. πŸ™‚

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