Attacked By An Apple Tree – RunLog 5-17-18

I really feel kind of foolish, how else do you feel when you are viciously attacked by the apple tree in your yard, while mowing the lawn and the damn apple tree wins the battle.

Damnit I know where there is a chainsaw and I know how use it. Hehehee

Anyway, this is what happens when you are thinking about how good your run was and how well the shoe worked during the morning and don’t pay attention to what is around you and run your noggin into the low hanging apple tree branch. It did slow me down for a minute and then I got back to mowing the rest of the lawn. I didn’t notice the bleeding part (just the headache) until after I got done. I guess it was a good thing I had the hat on though, no blood dripped into my face. That might have scared a few people. πŸ™‚

Naw, just Harold being Harold – again.

Well that must have been a pretty good run to be thinking about it while mowing the lawn. Actually it was, I went into Waterville to run since I didn’t want the added stress of running on hills for the hamstring and found a mostly flattish course. I started off slowly to let the hamstring warm up and then just ran comfortably.

Luckily I got to put 5.0 more miles in the book.

I certainly didn’t set any speed records and whenever I started to run “normally for me” I had to cut it out and get back to the shorter steps and quicker cadence. The hamstring ain’t ready for that Harold running style yet and probably I would be smarter to adopt this style of running and get good at it. Unfortunately, when I don’t focus on how I am running I tend to revert back to my regular style and maintaining anything different fatigues me mentally.

However, I did well today and actually ran more with a form much closer to what Chi Running recommends and it worked quite well at keeping the hamstring much happier.

I did run in the Asics Road Hawk FF and was very happy with them. They really remind me of a higher drop and not quite as smooth/quiet Pearl Izumi N1 v1 as far as their firmness, but with a little more pop. Which means that more than likely I can run quite well in them and from other reviews of them, if I can handle the firmness they should last quite a while.

Other than being attacked by the apple tree, it was a pretty good day and I am recovering nicely and the wound was not all that bad. Just messy looking after I took the hat off. πŸ™‚

Another day of Harold being Harold.