Goodhue O/B = Nice Run – RunLog 5-18-18

The first run since that little hamstring flare-up that it didn’t talk dirty to me at all on the run. Phew!!!! I will keep things conservative for another week as far as the speed and hills go, but it seems like I dodged one this time.

It was also a gorgeous day for a run, if a bit breezy from the North.

This morning’s run was done on the Saucony Liberty ISO’s and I am still deciding whether I like them or not. I have the consistency thing figured out and while I love the heel cup, during this 7.0 mile run my forefeet just felt really tired at the end. I don’t know if it was the combination of the bootie slightly pushing the metatarsals together, the firmness underfoot or what.

All I know is that my forefoot on both feet feel more beat up than usual, a lot like when I ran in the Forza 3’s. I did read where the insole on the Liberty’s is different, so maybe I will find a better one and try that on my next run in them.

Well let’s get to the run.

Looking back up Tiffany Road from Goodhue. All downhill, with a nice breeze at my back.

I planned on 6.0 miles and ended up doing 7.0 miles. Although looking at the Strava graph of the run, I probably should have stopped at 6.0 miles. 🙂 Oh well, I will call it a 6.0 mile run, with a 1.0 mile cool-down. Sounds about right.

Starting out I purposely went fairly slow the first mile or so, just to get a feel for how the leg was feeling and I wanted to give myself time to warm-up.The first 3.0 miles were against a pretty decent breeze 10+mph, which did slow me down a bit once I got past Wildwood and was going uphill, against the wind.

Which is always fun.

However, coming back it was nice going downhill and the wind at my back. So that was a little quicker. I still maintained the same stride and effort levels as going out. I purposely did not attempt to really pickup the pace or lengthen out my stride today – trying to keep things healing nicely.

Although I did struggle with keeping my left foot from becoming uncomfortable by working hard to keep the foot straighter and not land on the outside edge. I think that this is where the Liberty’s are too firm and maybe a bit stiff for me on longer runs, is that they do bother when I allow myself to land without thinking about how I am landing – which seems to be more towards the outside of my forefoot, when I am keeping my stride length shorter.

Oh well.

The other thing is that these are the first shoe that I have ever run in that have two distinct personalities. On tar they have a nice lively feel, but when I am running on dirt roads (like down-back) or the soft side road shoulders they felt way too firm and no bounce to them. They act almost like different shoes depending on the surface.


Once I got back to Stevens Hill, things just went downhill or should I say uphill and I think that the brain had told the body we were only going to do 6.0 miles today and adding in that last mile was not something the brain or body were really into this morning. When both are pretty much unwilling, it just turns into a slog and you just push yourself to finish.

Overall, a good run where I learned more about how I feel about running in the Saucony Liberty ISO’s and after 4 runs and 20 miles, I am thinking that they are not really part of the solution. I will get them to 50 miles and figure it out from there. I have other shoes in the rotation that I like better right now. However, it might just be as simple as getting a bit higher quality insole in there and seeing how that works.

Great day for running though.