A Quick 5.0 Miler – RunLog 5-19-18

This morning was beautiful running weather, just a little bit of a breeze so I definitely wanted to get a nice 5.0 miler in. After yesterday’s 7.0 miler, I didn’t want to make the same mistake I made last Saturday by doing a hilly run to abuse the Hamstring anymore than I have to.

So I drove into Waterville and ran the flattest course I could from Planet Fitness.

As a result of that 7.0 miler yesterday, I did want to check out how the change of insoles to thicker ones would work in the Liberty’s. I was having issues with how my forefeet feel after running in them and after looking at the stock insoles, I changed them to a different pair that I have.

Up to about 3.0 miles everything was going great, no issues with the shoes. Unfortunately, once I got between 3-4 miles I started to notice my left forefoot a little, nothing serious, but just enough to know it was not as comfortable as it could be, but a lot better than yesterday. The good part is that it didn’t get any worse, but the bad part was that the right foot started to get a bit uncomfortable also towards the end of the run.

I think I am going to give the Liberty’s a few days off to see if whatever is going on with them and my feet can feel better after a short respite from one another.

Getting to the actual running.

Well when my first mile is my slowest mile, I usually am having a decent run. I wasn’t pushing hard, after the first mile, but I was just a little on the other side of comfortable running. A nice second mile that was mostly downhill and then a little slower on the flat Silver Street segment.

Once I got back to Violette Street, I did slow down some, that is a long-arse climb back up to First Rangeway and if I do not focus on keeping your stride going, I tend to slow down the further up the hill I get.

Coming back down JFK I did pick the pace back up to the finish.

Not the fastest 5.0 miles I have ever done, but it was still a nice confidence builder. Even with the Liberty’s not disappearing on my feet like I would like, I still managed to have a nice pace for most of the run. My right hamstring didn’t bother at all, so that is really good news.

Overall a pretty good run.

Oh yeah, Bennie and I walked down-back this morning and I was really glad that I had this shirt on. The blackflies were horrible!!! The shirt provided just enough protection that I didn’t have to look like I had something wrong with me swatting at the air, instead I just look like something out of a horror movie. At least I was not getting bit by the little arseholes with wings.

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