First Run Skechers GOMeb Razor 2 – RunLog 5-20-18

I finally ran in the Skechers GOMeb Razor 2’s that Sam at Road, Trail, Run was nice enough to give me a few weeks ago. I have put off running in them because I was pretty sure they were going to be a bad pair of ankle biters and I really hate blisters.

The stiffer collar around the around the shoe didn’t give me confidence that I wouldn’t end up with a least a couple blisters under the outside portions of my ankles. I have run a couple of short runs with Bennie in them and even started a run and then turned around and got a different pair of running shoes on, because I didn’t like the way the shoes felt around my ankles.

So today after I decided to run in the Razor 2’s, it was with more than a little trepidation that started the run in them. However, I needed to know one way or another – if the Razor 2’s were going to work for me or not.

I started out pretty slowly to get a real feel for the how the Razor’s felt while running in them and then picked up the pace once I got going down the hill. I didn’t push hard, but I did focus on getting a nice cadence and stride going, just to see how the Razor’s felt at a faster pace. I managed to get close to the 7:00 pace a couple of times.

Smooth, comfortable and no issues with my forefoot. It was easy to maintain a quicker pace.

Even coming back up the big hill, I didn’t slow down as much as I usually do, which is a good sign.

Then once I got over the top of the hill I picked the pace up a bit to see if the legs had anything left – I did okay.

It certainly was not race pace today, but it is quicker than I have run since my last race and it was on my test course, where I find out a lot about how a pair of running shoes will work for me. Surprisingly, I set a 2018 course record for the course by over a minute, even with the slow start.

While the sidewalls under the ankles never really bothered when I was running, the feeling of rubbing against the bottom of the outside of my ankles is a product of how Skechers topped opening and kept the sidewalls higher. Although I didn’t get any blistering, the feeling of the Razor 2’s not disappearing on that part of my feet was pretty apparent as well.

So I am gladdened and disappointed with the fit around the ankles. Otherwise, all I can say is they felt very, very good underfoot. I do have a feeling that as long as they do not blister under my ankles going forward, they are going to be a shoe that I will run in fairly regularly, I like the way they feel and yes, they are a “fast” for me shoe.

2 thoughts on “First Run Skechers GOMeb Razor 2 – RunLog 5-20-18

  1. These are another pair of shoes that’s currently on my radar. I’m fortunate enough to be able to wear most Skechers models without much issues. Waiting to read more on this from you further down the road.

    1. Nick – I just wish that Skechers would lower the ankle wells, it seems that every year they get a little higher, which is weird, especially when they make it so you can take out the top insole and make the sidewalls even higher on your ankles??? That is why I would really like to try the GR6, it seems as though the knit sidewalls would not bother as much, otherwise I am loving the direction Skechers is going with their running shoes.

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