A Very, Very Good Day – RunLog 5-21-18

This was the story of two run, yeah I ran twice today, but it was one of those days I thought it was going to be necessary and it was. After yesterday’s faster run, today was going to be a nice recovery run(s). However, this afternoon Mary had an appointment with her doctor and let’s be honest I was pretty nervous about it.

So I was going to do the Tiffany 10K route pretty comfortably – no pushing the pace.

I don’t know what is going on with all the traffic down-back today, but it seemed like there was way more vehicles than usual going through – in both directions and even Tiffany was pretty busy. I know my definition of busy is different than someone from an urban area, but these are back country roads.

However, I did keep the pace around 9:00’s on the two lane road and had to stop to avoid the truck barreling down the road, when some people were standing by their mailboxes yakking away and again when a dump truck, wrecker and truck all came together at the same time. I don’t know about you, but a dump truck has the right of way in this situation, so I headed for the ditch (he was nice about it and slowed way down and waved), I waved back and waited for him to go on by, before I crawled back out of it.

When I got back by the old dump, I saw Mary off in the distance running towards me. She amazes me, she has kept running and exercising right along despite or inspite of everything going on. So when we got to the same point, I turned and ran along with her. She was going to the old dump and back. While her pace has slowed lately, she still gets moving along at around a 11:30 pace, which is fantastic. It also forced me to really slow down and focus on my mechanics more than I usually do.

I did wear the Asics Road Hawk FF’s and you know something they are a no fuss, no muss running shoe that I just put on and go run in. I do not really think about the shoes when I am running other than they are noisier than any other shoe I am currently running in. Not a real bad thing, more a result of the hard rubber outsole that Asics used in the forefeet.

After lunch we went to the doctor’s appointment and found out quite a few things, some good, some not so good, but things make a lot more sense if that is what is going on. One more doctor’s appointment to go next month and hopefully we will have some more answers.

So after we got home, I needed to release some built up stress that has been accumulating and went back out for another run. I kind of expected this run to happen. I purposely kept things slow and on the way back up Stevens Hill the neighbor stopped me while he was walking his oxen and talked about people leaving garbage and other things on his property. The bugs were getting nasty and I wanted to get home, so with yet another vehicle coming, I cut the conversation a bit shorter than it could have gone and headed home.

Oh yeah, I have been thinking a bit about running shoes over the past few days and figured out that the shoes I like the best were the ones sitting out in the back of the garage waiting to be given away, because of problems with the upper. My Skechers GoRun Ride 7’s.

I put them out there because I had worn a hole in the heel cup through to the plastic and it was bothering my heel. I thought if I could find something to cover the hole, that I could run in them again. Now moleskin doesn’t work worth crap for this – been there done that, but I remembered seeing some stuff I used to put on my hunting bow to quiet it down, that was extremely flexible and very sticky.

The only problem was that this stuff was more than 20 years old (it has been almost that long since I went bow hunting) and there was no guarantee it would even stick, but it was worth a try. So I patched the heel and also the ankle biter spot on my right foot and wore them around this afternoon and then on my run.

It was like running nirvana. The feet didn’t hurt, ache or anything and best of all the patch jobs didn’t interfere/bother my feet at all and if the issues with the upper have been at least stabilized, they only have a little over 160 miles on them, so they have a lot of life left in them.

It was like putting on an old pair of running shoes that you put away long ago and remembering the magic. I am not saying that I will run great or never have problem in the GRR7’s, but it was nice to run and not think about anything bothering, listening to my feet hit the pavement or thinking about what can I do to improve the ride for me.

Best of all that 20 year old bowfelt was still sticky and still attached when I got through running. They felt good enough that I am planning on running in them when I do my long run tomorrow.

Yeah, they felt that good.

Overall, a really good day and the yard now looks a lot different than it did a couple of months ago. 🙂

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