A Top Ten Day for Running – RunLog 5-23-18

I really was not sure how this run going to work, yesterday the hamstring had a bad spell, so I shut down an in-town run after a quarter mile and went back into Planet Fitness and did my rehab exercises.

Not really what I wanted, but sometimes discretion is the better part of valor, besides I know that recovery from a hamstring strain usually takes at least three weeks and it is never a straight line of improvement.

There are going to be days where you have to listen to the body to avoid major setbacks. In other words there are going to be days the hamstring is going to feel like crap and pushing to get a run in, will more than likely screw things back up and you won’t be running well any time soon.

So I did something I seem to be doing more of – listening to the old body.

While I pat myself on the back again ;-), let’s move on to today.

This morning was one of those mythical top 10 weather days, so I really did want to run.

Usually, I determine what my workout for the day actually will be, when I do Bennie’s long walk I get to check out the aches and pains to see how things are doing. The hamstring didn’t feel great, but it felt good enough to plan on a run. Just no major hills, I find that running up “good” hills stress the hammies a bit and I have a few around the house.I thought about heading into Waterville or down to the Augusta Trail Head, but with Thunderstorms expected this afternoon (the radar looked pretty nasty) I didn’t want to far away from the truck or gym – just in case. So I decided to do laps out front – loads of fun.

Also I wanted to check out the Skechers GoTrails that Sam over at Road, Trail, Run had given me a few weeks ago. They fit good on walks and I figured that I would find out a lot about them on the paved sections of the run and check out the dirt road and maybe even purposely find a few rocks to see how they felt.

One thing is pretty positive even though they are a lighter trail shoe, they will never be speed demons. They are much more like an old Cadillac convertible that you just go cruising and having fun in. Which is more how I view trail running – going out and having fun.

I have a feeling that they will do great on the local trails and I will use them for crappy days down-back when it get muddy. Just looking at them and the outsole give me a feeling that they will last quite a long time and should even be around next winter.

The thing that I was most impressed with was that while I was doing around a 9:00 minute pace on tar and a hard packed dirt road, I zero issues with my metatarsals or that burning foot discomfort that I get in so many running shoes. So that is a very good sign.

Overall, a really good run and one that really opened my eyes to how good the Skechers GOTrail do feel on my feet. Now to get the hamstring healed up so I can get over to Bond Brook and Quarry Road and run in them on what they are designed for.

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