Berlin, NH Flip Flop – RunLog. 5-24-18

Today was another beautiful day, although I spent most of it driving to Berlin, NH and back home, so we could do Mary’s family gravesite for Memorial Day. Even so, I got to enjoy the outdoors in a few places and then after we got home, I did get out for a 4.0 miler.

Driving over brought back so many memories for Mary and I about last summer and all the trips we made on those same roads for almost six months. Some good, some bittersweet, some sad, but we both agreed we are glad that we no longer have to drive over there at least once a week, every week.

We did not have to rush, so we took our time, did the scenic route, got spring water on the other side of Bryant Pond and just putzed along enjoying the scenery. After we got the gravesite done, we stopped at Burger King in Gorham for a quick lunch (McDonalds was closed for remodeling), we will not be back, we have gotten off the fast food track and it just didn’t do anything for either of us.

On the way back we stopped to walk the tar path over in Bethel, it isn’t too long and it was actually very warm there. It was sad to see the old water park crumbling into disrepair, but with liability issues the way they are and how inherently dangerous water parks are – I wasn’t surprised when it closed and never re-opened.

We got back to Augusta a lot earlier than we expected and decided to head over to UMA and walk around over there for 45 minutes or so. It was nice to wander around the campus a little. I have always loved the trails and the section I took the photo of is probably one of the prettiest sections.

Once we got home, I headed out for a 4.0 miler to the Town Office and back. Now sitting all day in the van and several walks later, the hamstring was not real impressed with this idea. It was not complaining too badly, but enough to let me know that too many hills and it would start to really bitch about this run.

So I headed down to Wildwood instead – a much flatter course. Once I got back on the tar, the Hammie was much happier and did really well until I got back on the dirt road and going up the little rise. It seems as though it does not like running on the dirt road all that much.

It also started to tell me what a stoopid jerk I was, but didn’t tell me to stop while I was running that last mile. Although going up Stevens Hill was better, but only because it knew we were almost done and I purposely slowed down a LOT that last mile to cut down on how much the hamstring was complaining.

After I stopped it stopped complaining, so it wasn’t anything serious – more too much sitting than anything.

A busy day, but a good one.

One thought on “Berlin, NH Flip Flop – RunLog. 5-24-18

  1. And this city is the reason I clarify to US Americans I mean Berlin, Germany 🙂 sounds like a good trip, if quiet and introspective

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