GDPR – Just In Case

With all the Hugh and Hubbub about the changes to The new European Global Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) come into force on May 25th, I really do not have a clue about what it means to this personal blog. I am not a lawyer and don’t claim to be, however, Aging Runnah ( is not a business blog where I earn advertising revenue or try to sell anyone anything.

It is a personal blog where I write about my life experiences, running and all too often running shoes.Aging Runnah is also a based blog and any stats or information collected as a result of visiting this website are done automatically by them as my web host, within their Terms of Service Agreement.

After reviewing their site’s help article on GDPR, which can be read here, I believe that I am in compliance with those new rules. While I own the content on my site, I do not personally collect, retain or share any data with anyone, beyond responding to reader’s comments or using reader’s comments to create a blog post.

If you choose to keep visiting my site after May 25th you do so with the understanding that you will be subject to the’s GDPR data collection policies and I will continue to abide by their Terms of Services Agreement.

I don’t have a clue whether I really need to do this or not, but I have a feeling that it is a good idea to cover my skinny little arse, since so many other bloggers are putting out their own little GDPR statement (it is a pretty big deal), I figured I would be up front about what I do here.

I hope this covers my obligations under GDPR for a personal, non-monetized blog that is hosted by I do not think that I am alone in wondering about what are my obligations are as someone with a personal blog that is not self-hosted.

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