So It Begins – MT Pre-Training Week 5-28-18

Well there – upload failed, so let’s try this again.

Since I have made the commitment to start getting ready for my marathon there is a bunch of stuff that I have started to look at and think about. First of all I needed find a marathon training plan that sort of corresponds with how I much I thing that I will need to train, but not overtrain to get to the starting line.

I found this training plan online from Coach Jenny – someone that I have followed online for several years. It seems to be close to what I am looking for.

Then when I plugged the workouts into my spreadsheet it comes out to starting on June 4th, with the way that I want to do things. So I actually start next week.

Oh shit!!!

That is like in – next Monday!!! Continue reading “So It Begins – MT Pre-Training Week 5-28-18”

Getting Back to Finishing A Marathon

So I have decided to run in the Maine Marathon on September 30, 2018.

Now just because I want to finish a marathon does not mean that I will not run into problems, nay sayers, Harold being Harold activities, life getting in the way or other obstacles, especially the ones that I have between my own ears and a seemingly fragile body when it comes to marathon training.

However, providing the crik, don’t rise too much and make a drastic change of course, I plan on being in Portland, ME that morning to start, run and finish my second marathon. That’s right, when I finish this marathon it will only be my second marathon finish and third marathon start after 40 plus years of running – kind of strange in this day and age of people seemingly running marathons “all the time”.

Which means that I have to work on a few things before I get any further down this road that I have started on so many times before. However, I get a different feeling about what I am going to do this time, almost like it is finally the right time to do this marathon thing.

Well like they say, let’s start this journey and the adventures that will come with it, by taking my that first step towards finishing marathon number two. Continue reading “Getting Back to Finishing A Marathon”

Last Weekly Update for a While – 5-27-18

No, I am not going away, stopping blogging or anything like that. Nope, I am just changing things up a little that’s all, but more on that in some other posts that I might have planned.

We got the graves tended to in New Hampshire and Newport. Each year we notice fewer and fewer of the graves are being tended and even us – we talked about we only go to them once a year. As the older generations die, the memories of those who lie beneath the markers are forgotten and the stones are left to themselves or the occasional curious person who happens to wander by, stops to look at the marker, who this person was and then moves on with their life.

Fading memories of past generations is not something new, it is the way life is, but sometimes it is sad to think of the lives we live and how that someday someone will look at our gravestone and wonder who we were. My advice is that we pass the memories and family histories of those you loved to the next generations, because once you are gone those memories you hold will be gone as well. Continue reading “Last Weekly Update for a While – 5-27-18”