A Little Ray of Hope – PMT 5-29-18

PMT – Pre-Marathon Training 😉

It is was just a beautiful day outside this morning, too damn nice to be stuck doing a workout inside on the elliptical! However, it is not time yet to go full hawg and have yet another setback to slow the progress I am making with my hamstring. It is slow, but there is progress.

That is the thing about hamstrings, they are a bear to take care of and treat/rehab to the point where you will not reinjure it again. If you watched the NBA playoffs and noticed that Chris Paul of the Houston Rockets suffered a hamstring pull and had to sit out games 6 & 7 of their series loss, you can understand a little better how frustrating a hamstring pull can be. He is a professional athlete with the best medical care in the world and could not play no matter how badly or how tough he was.

It doesn’t matter how much you want to run on the injured hamstring, when you do and it ain’t ready or if you are too aggressive with how you attempt to come back (I will raise my hand on that one), all that you will do is screw it up again and be even further behind. That being said, there is not a runner or athlete who has suffered a hamstring pull that thinks it is feeling good enough and attempted to get back on it way too soon and took 2 steps forward and 5 steps back.

From my experiences with a pulled in the past (several actually), they take about 4-6 weeks for someone who is not under medical care and not going through physical therapy and screwing up the rehab by running too hard too soon a few times. So I am about 3 weeks into this recovery phase and as long as I do not screw it up too badly, should be back to fairly normal running in about 3 more weeks.

Which means for me, even on beautiful days like today, I am in on the elliptical. Today I wanted to get in 45:00 minutes on the machine and I did the work. However, while I was on there I got this great idea of heading outside to do a mile on the pavement. The hamstring felt really good and I just had to get out the door.

I also learned that the “other” setting on my Garmin is useless when used on the elliptical. I think in the future I will use the indoor running setting and at least get a good timing of what I did, even if the mileage will be way off.

I headed out the door for my run — Ominous music please.

The legs were a little stiff from the elliptical stride and it took a quarter mile or so, to get back to a running stride. No, I wasn’t going very fast and just let the body do what it wanted. Initially there was a little tugging sensation in the hamstring, but no pain or discomfort. I didn’t try to pick up the pace, but naturally did better coming back to the house, I was warmed up and things felt pretty good.

However, I could still feel that little tugging on the hamstring, so I stopped at the mail box and smiled. I had done a mile, didn’t break anything and could have kept going. There was a time in my life when running a mile was a big deal, but now I am greedy and want a lot more miles. I guess that is a good thing 🙂

As a part of this I did change up the running equivalence of the elliptical to .50%, it is just easier than running by about half. I have been doing most of my miles on the elliptical in the 4:40 to 5:00 minute range and do most of my running in the 8:30-9:00 minute range. So I think that calling it half as hard is a bit more reasonable and when I went back and updated my spreadsheet with that change it made the numbers much more in line with how I run.

So I think I have the running equivalency tweaked to the point where it is more usable. I could probably go down a little more, but this is more about rough estimate than statistical accuracy.

I was going to mow the lawn and do some other outside stuff, but I got messaged by D2 and needed to talk with her about what to get the granddaughter for her Birthday out in Minnesota.

I still think it is pretty damn amazing that I can “talk” with my daughter, get a link, go to a website, order the present and it will be sent to their house within 48 hours. We do live in amazing times and sometime we just take for granted the times we do live in. I know that I have it pretty damn easy and a much better life the 95% of people in the history of the world.

After that Bennie and I decided that taking a nap was a better way to spend some time this afternoon and then it was time for a little walk with him. Then I got back on the elliptical for another 20 minutes. I wanted to check out if the run had done anything to the hamstring, but everything felt fine.

I just have to keep things slow and steady for a while longer.

Overall, I got in the mileage that I wanted today, by combining a real run with time on the elliptical, did a second easy workout just to stretch the legs a bit. I have a feeling that this is how the initial weeks of my marathon training plan will be achieved, until the hamstring gets back up to snuff. There is not a whole lot that I can do to speed up the healing process – this is one of those things I will just have to be patient and it will be ready when it is ready.

Yeah, it sucks, but it is the way it is and there is a ray of hope gleaming that I will persevere through this injury and get back to where I want to be in a little while.

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