Good Day and I Was Bad – PMT 5-30-18

What a gorgeous day outside – of those top 10 days that we never have enough of. Right around 70*F, bright sunshine, low humidity and just hint of a breeze. Nice!

However, I am really attempting to baby the hamstring by doing most of my “run” on the elliptical and then immediately doing the last part out on the road, so I don’t over do things. Which I would never do, ummmphhh yeah right.

So I did 8.0 miles on the elliptical, which with my running equivalent is 4.0 miles, so I need to do a couple more outside to get to my planned 6.0 miles for the day.

This was the part of the work-out that I really enjoyed. Like I said the weather was gorgeous. I purposely am going slower than I normally do and working on activating the glutes and relaxing the hamstrings when I am running. Which is tough, like too many runners I tend to use my quads and hamstrings too much and not enough of the biggest muscle in the body my arse. 🙂 alias the glutes.

While my pace for now is over 9:00 minute miles, I do feel pretty good during the run and am not any worse for wear once it is over, even with the time on the elliptical. Which means that what I am doing seems to be working, now to just keep doing it.

I was going to get back on the elliptical for another 4.0 miles, but I did more than enough working out this afternoon when I mowed the whole law, which came out to just over 7,000 steps. Which if my 2,000 steps per mile hold true, it is somewhere close to walking 3.0 miles while mowing the lawn. Just a little bit of lawn to mow.

A pretty good day, but I was bad.

After going to the Ford Dealership to have an idiot light looked at on the Transit (just had to rest some computer stuff and it turned out to be a freebie), I had time to do a little shopping.

Remember, I said that I was not going to get any more running shoes for a while. Well, today I was in Marden’s looking for a pair of shoes for Mary and didn’t see any for her. However, when I wandered through the men’s section (my big mistake) a bright yellow toe caught my eye in my size section. When I took a closer look, I saw a pair of Nike Pegasus 33’sat a price I couldn’t believe. Over the years I have run in several versions of the Pegasus model line, including the first ones.

One of the shoes that I trained for the Marine Corps Marathon back in 1983 were the original Nike Pegasus. So it seemed like Karma slapping me up side the head to have another pair of Pegasus being available in Mardens in my size, at a price that I couldn’t believe.

Also the Pegasus 33’s or 34’s were a shoe that I have wanted to run in for a long time, but others always seemed to be a better fit for what I was looking for at the time or where I was looking did not have my size in stock and I was not willing to wait for them to special order them.

Once I tried them on, there was no question I was willing to risk the wrath of Mary and the comments that I knew that I would have to endure, when I brought them home. For that price it was worth the comments. Naw it wasn’t that bad, but I did temporarily head to the dog house.

If they work the way I hope they do, they will be a nice shoe to alternate with my GRR7’s. A little higher drop and a different feel, but the weight is about the same, although I my initial feeling is that the GRR7’s might be a little more comfortable. Let’s see how they are after a 100 miles.

Yeah a good day and I wasn’t really that bad.

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