Stress Testing the Hammie – PMT 6/1/18

Well the good news is that the hamstring wasn’t as big a setback as I thought it was going to be yesterday. No, I can’t walk without that tugging sensation in the right hamstring, but at least it is not out and out pain. Plus there was no bruising, so a day or two off and then start to SLOWLY get back on the roads again.

Bennie wasn’t too worried about much of anything, except getting the bed ready for him to relax on.

Although this morning I did a Harold being Harold and stress tested the hamstring pretty good by walking Bennie two miles down to the stop sign and back up the big hill, then almost immediately mowing the road frontage down to our property line around the slight corner. While I knew that the hamstring was off a little more than it had been and it barked a few times during the mowing, it didn’t complain enough that I thought about stopping.

After a short rest, I got on the elliptical and did a quick 8.0 miles. There were no issues on the elliptical and sitting here now writing this update, it feels pretty good. Although I also know that running on it right now probably would not be a great idea.

Who knows, maybe I dodged a bullet and will be smiling sooner than I thought.

On a different note, I did get rid of my old Skechers GoRun Ride 7’s the temporary fix I did to them earlier in the week didn’t work out so well and my heel started to rub too much on the plastic heel counter. If I continued to run or walk in them, there are going to be blister issues to contend with and I don’t want to go through that. So they are now gone.

So I decided to bring the Asics RoadHawks out to complete my running shoe rotation to start my marathon training with next week. We will see how the rotation shakes out with GRR7’s-Gray, Pegasus 33 and the RoadHawks for daily trainers. I gotta get the gear crap figured out and then stick with what is going to work.

After all my training plan says I that I will be putting in over 1,300 miles between now and the fall to get myself ready to finish a marathon. I can play around with my running shoe quirks after that is over with, but I do not want my running shoes to be my focus over the next four months.

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