May 2018 – A Not So Great Month

I guess it is time to talk about May 2018. A lot happened and yes, I got injured again and haven’t been able to run well for the last two weeks of the month. Which sucked.

Photo by Sam Winebaum – Road, Trail, Run

However, I got to run with and talk running Sam over at Road, Trail, Run who is my favorite blogger during the first part of month. While down there I got to see a bunch of shoes (I tried out the Vapor Fly 4% – great shoe) and came home with a few more from his used shoe pile.

Towards the end of the month I made the startling decision to run in a marathon in the Fall. I did that inspite or is it despite I am currently not running and have to rehab a balky hamstring – which is always an adventure and one that usually has more setbacks than progress at first.

That damn rollercoaster effect.

My first choice is to run the Maine Marathon on September 30th. However, with this hamstring issue I know that I also need to be flexible and may need to look at other alternatives between it and the Millinocket Marathon in December if this hamstring injury lingers on too long.

Believe it or not for this to be more than a fantasy I need to be able to run. So I can actually train. Unfortunately, my training for the Maine Marathon is supposed to start Monday June 4th and the body, well the hamstring ain’t ready to do 2.0 miles much less begin marathon training next week.

Although I am pretty sure I can go a couple of weeks of alternate training, without beginning to worry too much, but after that I gotta be able to run. Hopefully, I get the body in healed up to finish what I start this time and that it is the Maine Marathon that I get to run.

I still haven’t really figured out how I screwed up the hamstring. All I know is when I did it on May 12th, but now that it is screwed up (grade 1 strain probably), whenever I tend to think it is feeling fine, I tend to get too eager with my comeback.

You know that I don’t have time for this injury stuff and suffer another setback because I was too aggressive. Someday I will learn, but even the best athletes in the world suffer this injury and progress about the same speed as I am, so I can’t complain too much – but I will whine about it anyway. 😉

Other than that my running was going great.

I have sort of kind of gotten my running shoe rotation whittled down, but I have learned a lot over the month of May.

Saucony and Hoka running shoes and my feet just don’t seem to get along. I have tried to run in both brands multiple times and multiple models, but they have not worked out for me. There is something about forefoot on Hoka’s that bothers my forefoot so that after a few miles they hurt my right foot bunionette. In Saucony’s there is something about the taper in the forefoot and in the ISO FIT models that causes my metatarsaglia to act up pretty badly after 3-4 miles.

SD1 doesn’t mind my running shoe woes, since she wears the same size shoes as I do and ended up with 5 pair of running shoes with very little wear on them.

My current running shoe rotation is:

  • Skechers GoRun Ride 7 – gray.
  • Nike Pegasus 33 Shield
  • Asics RoadHawk
  • Skechers Razor 2
  • Brooks Green Silence

We will see how this rotation works out once I get back to running regularly again, but it should serve me well.

I did have to get rid of my first pair of GRR7’s (which I loved). The fix to the heel cup, turned out to be temporary and while walking in them the other day, where I had previously worn through to the plastic heel cup began to bother again. It is a blister waiting to happen and I don’t really want to deal with that when I can easily avoid one by getting rid of the shoes. So they are gone.

The reality is that

It seems that almost every year either in late April through the end of May, that I have some sort of injury that screws up my summer running or other plans I have made. I think next year I am going to wrap myself in bubble-wrap or take a month off from running, so I can run the rest of the year trouble-free. 😉

Really, the month of May was dominated by my hamstring injury, figuring out a reasonable running shoe rotation and making the decision to run in a Fall marathon. Now to get the hamstring so it doesn’t complain and start running again in June. I can’t really start marathon training until I can start running.

Using the elliptical is okay for maintaining, active rest days or doing in addition to my running, but as for it being my primary marathon training method, I don’t have confidence that it will be enough to get me to the finish line the way that I want to get there.

May was not a great month, but it is over and I have some pretty serious goals and challenges ahead of me this summer that I really want to accomplish.

Time to get moving and work on rehabbing the hamstring some more. 🙂

2 thoughts on “May 2018 – A Not So Great Month

  1. I totally relate to how you feel about injuries, Harold. I’ve had my fair share of them and they suck big time. I’ve been very cautious with my marathon plan this time around. With 4 weeks to go I really can’t afford another heartache.

    Here’s hoping you’ll get that injury sorted out soon and wishing you all the best in your coming marathon plans 🙂.

    1. Thanks Nick – I know you are going to rock your marathon, but you just have to figure out which shoes you are going to wear that day. You will be good to go and no injuries will come your way before the marathon. It is just a hamstring strain and I usually re-injure it 3-4 times before I get smart and finally tape my leg properly, so it doesn’t get hurt as easily. 🙂

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