Slow But Steady Progress – PMT 6/2/18

Well I didn’t expect to run outside this morning, but I did!

Let’s back up, the leg is doing remarkably well considering how it felt on Thursday night and after walking a couple of miles down-back with Mary and Bennie the hamstring didn’t feel too bad. Definitely not 100%, but back to where I thought I could run slowly on it.

So after we got back to the house, I changed up and got ready to go for a long workout on the elliptical. I planned on doing an hour on the beast, because Saturday’s will be my long run day going forward. However, I just had to get outside and run this morning, I promised myself that I would go slow. Actually I was going to run with Mary, but she got distracted by other things and I wanted to get going, so I headed out by myself.

I did a mile at around 10:30 pace and while the hamstring complained a little, it was not anything serious, so I kept going to the finish. I really, really wanted to do another one, but figured that it was better to be conservative than re-injured and headed in to the house to get on the elliptical for the next hour.

Loads of fun

However, at 3.2 miles into the workout I could hear a commotion out in the yard, SD2 had arrived a little earlier than we had expected, with her cats. We are cat sitting for the next week which is no big deal, but the room where we keep the elliptical is where we have to assimilate them into the household. Which meant that I had to get off the machine earlier than I wanted.

Which made me a little crabby and I didn’t want to be around anyone for a few minutes. So I went back out and did another slow mile. By the time I got back, I was back to being myself and fit to be around other human beings. 🙂

Although I didn’t get my long run in, I did get two 1.0 mile runs in and didn’t make the hamstring complain anymore than it was before the runs. A very positive sign.

Then I got to thinking about other things that I could do to help out the old hamstring. Sometimes I am such a dumbshit – I remembered that the last time I had a hamstring strain that I had taped the leg, which helped support the injury better than nothing at all.

So I taped up the leg and it does seem to help, I just hope that it helps enough to get through the preliminary marathon training, without any more issues.

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