Taped Hamstring = Can Run – PMT 6/3/18

Well there, I had chauffeur duty down to the Portland Maine Jetport early this morning, err leaving the house at 3:30 AM, but that meant that I got to see the sunrise and attempt a run around Back Bay.

So after dropping SD1 & SD2 at the airport, I headed over to Back Bay. The temps were a LOT cooler than they have been this week. The temps at 5:30 A.M. were around 52*F with a pretty steady 10 mph breeze coming off the ocean, so I was glad that I had at the last minute put on my ISO Chill long sleeve top before I left the house.

Last night I taped up my hamstring to support it while the darn thing attempts to heal, even though I haven’t really cut it enough slack to heal properly. So I wasn’t sure how this running thing was going to work.

Which meant that I started slow, really slow and didn’t pickup the pace until I started feeling a little more confident that the tape job was going to hold together my balky hamstring.

No pain, just a little soreness. Soreness I can handle and the soreness didn’t get any worse as I was running, so after the first mile I picked the pace up a little, just to see how things held together.

No problems.

So after I had a brief pit stop and got going again, I picked the pace up to my usual recovery pace. It felt good and I almost had a full stride going, but when I attempted to do more than an old man shuffle with high cadence, the hamstrings started to get a little grumpy, so I backed off and maintained what was working.

I did get a little carried away towards the end and did get a full stride going for a bit, but that didn’t last too long and I decided that discretion was a better choice and shut it down then cruised in to the finish.

It seems as though I can run with the hamstring taped up, which is encouraging news, it may not be fast, but I have to remember I am not worrying about pace, I am focusing on making it through to the finish line and my time is not really all that important. Although I do have a number I would like to get under, it is very conservative and something that if I stay healthy should be able to achieve.

I am feeling a bit more positive about this running thing after this morning. However, I do not plan on becoming an early morning riser and running first thing in the morning anytime soon. I stick to my mid morning running. I like having that cup of coffee, breakfast and morning constitutional done before the run, not during or after. 😉