Time to Do the Work

I am a little nervous, I gotta admit since today is June 4th and my training log says it is the first day where I am actively training for a marathon this Fall.

I think the largest part of my nervousness is that I don’t want to fail yet again more than anything else. That don’t make a fool of yourself Harold, ego thing we all go through when starting something we know is going to be difficult to complete, especially after starting the same journey so many times before.

However, I don’t really feel all that excited about starting this journey, there is none of that rah, rah, sish-bamboos, where I get all psyched up and go out and run 10 miles to kick off my training.

First of all I can’t go run 10.0 miles if I wanted to right now, but I am going to get the 5.0 miles in that my training plan calls for, with some combination of running and the elliptical.

Second I have a different feeling about this training cycle than others that I have started that leads me to believe that I will be successful this time.

There is more a sense of purpose and determination to complete this journey. I am ready to do more than fantasize about what I will do, this time the journey is about what I need and will do to finish what I have started. I know things are not going to be easy, certainly not always fun, but are a necessary part of making sure I get to the starting line ready and able to finish the marathon.

A lot like a fantasy character in the many of the sword and sorcery books that I enjoy so much. Where the main character knows the adventure will take its full measure of his abilities, but to achieve the quest, he has to start the journey and brave the perils ahead of him.

I have a feeling that my perils will be very ordinary, certainly not heroic or death defying (unless I use the course in front of Wal Mart in Augusta), but I have a feeling to get to end of this journey, it will take its measure of who I am to stay the course.

Nope there are no big crowds lining the avenue, hollering and cheering for me as I leave the castle gates to start my marathon adventure.

Instead it will just be me kissing Mary, opening the door, having Bennie bark furiously at me (sorry bud, you can’t run with me anymore), slipping out the door, getting the Garmin ready, walking to the end of the driveway, pressing the start button and starting to put one foot in front of the other.

It is time to do the work.

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