Tough Start to Things – MT W1 D1 6-4-18

I will not say that this morning’s run was all that much fun!

My training plan called for a 45:00 minute run and since I am using a 9:00 minute pace as the base, it meant that I was going to do 5.0 miles. The way my hamstring was feeling this morning before running, I kind of figured that it would be 2-3 miles of running and then whatever was left as a running equivalent on the elliptical.

Unfortunately, by the time I got around to running, it was raining pretty steady and the temps were in the mid 40’s, with a breeze that brought the feels-like temp down into the lower 40’s. It was chilly enough that I brought a pair of light wool gloves and wore them for about the first mile and a half and didn’t feel bad about wearing them at all.

June 4th and wearing gloves, windbreaker, long sleeve tech and short sleeve tech and not sweating too much???? Been a while.

I am taping the hamstring in the morning before I get going and leave it taped until just before supper, because I am more active during the day and it seems to help with not re-injuring it. Taping the hamstring has also allowed me to run on it. It isn’t always comfortable during the run, but the level of soreness is something I can handle as long as I know I am not continually re-injuring it. Then in the evening I get to see how much progress it is really making after taking the tape off.

Getting back to the run, needless to say the cold rain and a sore hamstring made it less than thrilling to get this run in.

However, neither was enough to stop me from doing a slow, but steady 5.0 miles over in Waterville. I decided to run in Waterville, since I don’t want to do hills and unless I do laps in front of the house (I just couldn’t do them today), I have to contend with hills in either direction and I though it probably was not a great idea run them even at an easy pace, especially with the cold rain.

I purposely kept the pace slow and focused on attempting to land quietly and not get hit by some crazy arse drivers – they were definitely out this morning. I did have to make a pit stop in the woods and once I did that the leg seemed relax a little or maybe I relaxed. When I got to the end of Cool Street I had to make a choice 3 or 5 miles. I kind of just let the body decide and I ended up going on the 5.0 mile course.

While it wasn’t a great run (some parts of it really sucked) and the hamstring soreness was always there, but it wasn’t getting any worse, so I told myself this is part of getting mentally tough and sucked it up to the finish.

I got in the 5.0 miles at a sub 10:00 pace and then did a bunch of rehab stuff at Planet Fitness. When I got back in the truck, the hamstring wasn’t bothering nearly as much – a really good sign. So we will see how things feel tomorrow, but things are starting to settle down and while it ain’t perfect it is not as bad as it was last Thursday.

I did run in the Pegasus 33-Shield version and had zero issues with them. The were very comfortable, kept my feet mostly dry – that big hole in the ankle area did let in some wetness when I had to jump in a puddle after I got done, that was deeper than I thought to see how well the “shield” worked. I could see me using these shoes for a variety of runs and wonder why I never liked the Pegasus 33/34 enough to buy them before, even though I had tried on several of them over the past two years.

Oh well, Nike has been doing some amazing stuff with their running shoes lately and if the toe box can work for me on longer/faster runs, I might go back to using them more regularly. Nike running shoes that I have probably run in more models than any other brand over the years I have been a runner.

Overall, tough run that I was glad to get over, but also glad that I did it.

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