Lots of Little Things – MT WK1, D2

Still in the high 40’s, just a bit of mist in the air, but no real wind, so actually it was a pretty nice day for a run in my opinion.

However, I had to do Bennie’s long walk with Mary and on that walk my taping job on the hamstring was bothering my leg more than helping, so I cut it off and got ready to run without any support. Actually for the first 4.75 miles of the 5.0 mile run, it felt good. More on that in a minute.

Tuesday’s are now my speed work days and in my Strava title for was a bit facetious when I said I did speed work this morning. πŸ˜‰ Even though I was not planning on running faster, I did want to wear my fast shoes, just to ensure that I get them broke in for my feet, so they are ready when I am able to do that faster stuff that I love to do.

So I wore my Skechers GOMeb Razor 2’s and surprisingly they did quite well at the slower speed. I think the more I wear the Razor 2’s, the more I am liking them.

Let’s get to the running.

I didn’t feel like driving in to Waterville, so that meant that I had to do laps in front of the house. Not my favorite course, but it is fairly flat and one that I can stop if I need to. Where I wasn’t sure how the hamstring would hold up after Bennie’s morning walk and not having any external support to it was probably the best choice.

I was very surprised at how good my hamstring felt once I got the tape off and started running. I did purposely keep the speed very conservative for most of the run, although a couple of times I did pick it up a little, the last time I did it almost bit me square in the butt.

Almost immediately my hamstring had a burst of shooting pain.

Oh shit!!!

So I slowed right down and it calmed down and within a short distance wasn’t bothering. It was just reminding me that while it is feeling better, it ain’t ready for fast yet.

I listened quite well to my body this time.

Mary was out running at the same time and was trying out her new shoes. They have a lower drop than she was used to and she was running with a more upright form than she had before. Which is a good thing and they didn’t seem to bother her calves at all.

Overall, I was happy with the run and learned that the taping of the hamstring while helpful in some respects didn’t help in others. I have a 4″ elastic wrap that I found in the bathroom cabinet that I had forgotten about and tried that on after I got done running. It felt a lot more comfortable due to the stretch, than the white tape which had no give to it. Slowly remembering all the old tricks to help me get through the wonderful hamstring woes.

D2 ordered me my Father’s Day present and it is a brand of shoes that I have never tried before but have always been intrigued by them. However, I was hesitant to pay full price for a brand that I haven’t really tried on in person and just recently the prices for the OG version just came down after 2 years. It should be interesting to see what they are like when they get here.

Later on in the day we waxed one of the vehicles in the yard and I remember that I had an electrical buffer out in the back of the garage that I haven’t used in several years. It worked great on the Cherokee and while I was using it, I remembered that physical therapist using something similar on my leg a long time ago, only it was supposedly a medical device. So after I got done buffing the vehicle, I buffed out my legs. Actually it felt pretty damn good and I am probably going to use it on the legs quite a bit over the next few days and maybe more.

Mary and I talked tonight and decided to wait until my birthday in August to register for a marathon. Like she said, you haven’t gone a month over the past year without an injury of some sort, so even though it might cost a little more in registration fees, by August we will know if your body will hold together for a full marathon. I couldn’t argue with her logic, even though I know this time it will be different. I will be ready to tell Mary on my Birthday, let’s register for that marathon I have been training for. πŸ™‚

Yeah, lots of little things.

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