Global Running Day – MT WK 1 D3

Today was a planned 5.0 miles – only in my world it was going to be on the elliptical. However it is also Global Running Day, so I really preferred to run outside, since the hamstring is cooperating pretty well and not complaining too much as long as I keep it slow and flatter.

Since we are cat sitting this week and SD2’s cats have taken up residence in the room where our elliptical is I haven’t used it. They are already uneasy enough not being at their home, that if I started a workout on the elliptical, they might have a hissy fit. So I thought I would be nice for a change and not create any more chaos in the house than I have to. Also I didn’t feel like heading to the gym, so an easy 5K sounded like a good alternative to the 5.0 miles in the training plan. I needed the rest more than the extra miles at this point. 🙂

I would really rather run anyway, so it wasn’t that hard twist my arm to get outside. Continue reading “Global Running Day – MT WK 1 D3”