Global Running Day – MT WK 1 D3

Today was a planned 5.0 miles – only in my world it was going to be on the elliptical. However it is also Global Running Day, so I really preferred to run outside, since the hamstring is cooperating pretty well and not complaining too much as long as I keep it slow and flatter.

Since we are cat sitting this week and SD2’s cats have taken up residence in the room where our elliptical is I haven’t used it. They are already uneasy enough not being at their home, that if I started a workout on the elliptical, they might have a hissy fit. So I thought I would be nice for a change and not create any more chaos in the house than I have to. Also I didn’t feel like heading to the gym, so an easy 5K sounded like a good alternative to the 5.0 miles in the training plan. I needed the rest more than the extra miles at this point. 🙂

I would really rather run anyway, so it wasn’t that hard twist my arm to get outside.

Now I live in a rural area and we do some things a little different out heah sometimes. While I was walking Bennie this morning before my run, the neighbor had decided to take the tree down by his garage. One problem they hadn’t moved the car in the driveway and they seemed to be having a few problems with which way the tree was going to fall. They had two people pushing against the tree right in front of the car, another one running to the garage for more wedges and the other one running a chainsaw on the other side of the guys pushing against the tree.

I was tempted to take some photos or video, but sometimes it is better to just turn your head and say there is nothing to see here, these are not the Droids you are looking for. I had Bennie with me, so I didn’t venture over and offer to help. I simply hollered “good luck”, waved and they all waved back – the guys on the tree grunted a little more for a couple of seconds and the chainsaw sang a little more.

By the time Bennie and I walked back by, the tree was down where they had originally planned on it going and they had to endure a little good natured ribbing about trees, cars and chainsaws from a certain someone. 🙂

Thankfully my run wasn’t all that exciting, compared to that little escapade, although we did good naturedly jaw at one another a little, because my turn is right in front of their house and they were out there cleaning up the tree.

I started slow and as I warmed up, picked the pace up each mile just a little – I didn’t want a repeat of yesterday. The leg didn’t feel any worse than it did when I started, so that is a very good sign. Other than that I worked on keeping my feet straighter and arm swing.

The Nike Pegasus 33 Shields that I got are a strange shoe, I like the fit and feel, plus they are comfortable to run in – although I have a feeling on longer runs the toe box might be a little snug. However, when I walk in them, I would swear they have a leaky air bag they are so noisy. Then when I start running in them they quiet right down.

If the air bag is compromised I would think that they would be worse while running and I would feel a difference between the shoes, which is not the case. So I am thinking it must have some to do with the upper making a noise when I toe off. It is a stiffer material and just needs to be broke in.

Overall, it was a very easy day, which is what I wanted and needed. I am still babying the hamstring as much as I can. Although it seems to be liking the vibrating that the car wax polisher does on the legs. Don’t go there…it is therapeutic not anything else.

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