Topo Ultra Fly to the Rotation – MT WK1 D5

This morning I had a first run in yet another pair of running shoes.

ANOTHER pair of shoes you say and you say WTFO???

Yeah D2 gets me shoes pretty much three times a year – gotta keep the old guy running, “doncha know” – that Minnesota accent. Hehehehe. Since Father’s Day is rapidly approaching dear old Dad made a suggestion and she came through with flying colors – again. I promised her no more bad Rose scented perfume jokes.

Also Bennie had thought about getting me a different pair of running shoes, but dang I really have too many and told him not to bother. I NEVER thought I would say that I have too many running shoes, but the truth be told right now I really do not need anymore for at least a couple of months – maybe for my Birthday in August – Bennie. 🙂

However, D2 took that great hint I gave when I messaged her the link and proper shoe size and got me…

The Topo Ultra Fly’s.

The Ultra Fly’s are a Brand/model that I have wondered about for couple of years, but at the original price point, plus never having been able to find a pair to try a pair on I just couldn’t get myself to do it.

I love the idea of their wide toe box and a multipurpose outsole that I want where I live, without only being zero drop. Although they seem to be headed in the boring colorways (lifestyle colors – primarily grays, blacks or dark blues) that so many other brands are choosing as well. I say keep the vibrant colorways coming or at least have one choice that isn’t boring. In many of their models they have done that to a point.

Now that v2 is out, the original Ultra Fly model’s price has been discounted to the point where it is worth experimenting with and I didn’t feel guilty suggesting them as a Father’s Day present. I do attempt to keep things reasonable.

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