Topo Ultra Fly to the Rotation – MT WK1 D5

This morning I had a first run in yet another pair of running shoes.

ANOTHER pair of shoes you say and you say WTFO???

Yeah D2 gets me shoes pretty much three times a year – gotta keep the old guy running, “doncha know” – that Minnesota accent. Hehehehe. Since Father’s Day is rapidly approaching dear old Dad made a suggestion and she came through with flying colors – again. I promised her no more bad Rose scented perfume jokes.

Also Bennie had thought about getting me a different pair of running shoes, but dang I really have too many and told him not to bother. I NEVER thought I would say that I have too many running shoes, but the truth be told right now I really do not need anymore for at least a couple of months – maybe for my Birthday in August – Bennie. πŸ™‚

However, D2 took that great hint I gave when I messaged her the link and proper shoe size and got me…

The Topo Ultra Fly’s.

The Ultra Fly’s are a Brand/model that I have wondered about for couple of years, but at the original price point, plus never having been able to find a pair to try a pair on I just couldn’t get myself to do it.

I love the idea of their wide toe box and a multipurpose outsole that I want where I live, without only being zero drop. Although they seem to be headed in the boring colorways (lifestyle colors – primarily grays, blacks or dark blues) that so many other brands are choosing as well. I say keep the vibrant colorways coming or at least have one choice that isn’t boring. In many of their models they have done that to a point.

Now that v2 is out, the original Ultra Fly model’s price has been discounted to the point where it is worth experimenting with and I didn’t feel guilty suggesting them as a Father’s Day present. I do attempt to keep things reasonable.

When I am not sure how a shoe will fit, I usually go up half a size from my true size 8.0 to an 8.5. This time I could have gone with the 8.0’s and been happy, but the 8.5’s fit quite nicely, so I am not worried about that. Though if they do impress me enough for there to be a next time, I would probably go with an 8.0.

There was a slight variance in the weight – the left shoe was 10.3 and right was 10.1 ounces, not a big deal, but a small difference to note. Also I will have to play with the lacing a little to get them just right, I think it is having a finicky setup more because I am not used to shoes with a wide toe box and my typical loose initial adjustment needs to be snugged up a bit, but will lock in the feet well once I get things adjusted to me.

If these work well, I can see me saving my trail running shoes for hiking, more technical trails (if I do them) and winter use.

Let’s get to the running part of this long-winded post, instead of me blathering on and on attempting to justify to myself and you why I got another pair of running shoes.

The plan called for 5.0 miles, but I didn’t want to head off into town, so instead I ran down to Davis Drive down off of Tiffany and then back to the lower gate. This gave me just over 5.0 miles and then I walked up Stevens Hill. I am still taping my right hamstring and as long as I am doing that I do not want to tackle any bigger hills. I really am attempting to run smarter.

I didn’t push the pace and just ran comfortably, especially since the temps felt like they were in the 70’s and the sun was out – both haven’t happened in a while.

When I got to the first mile split, I was just over 9:00, so I purposely slowed down to get to where some pretty knowledgeable people are telling me I need to be training. It is harder for me to go slower than 9:30 when the leg is starting to feel better, but that is my goal for easier runs and recovery runs need to be a bit slower than that.

Well I got it down to 9:22 for the second mile and stayed in that ballpark for most of the rest of the run. Although I had to keep slowing down because if I got going too good with my normal stride the hamstring would remind me to shorten the stride and speed up the cadence.

How did the Ultra Fly’s do?

No issues.

Which is exactly what I want from a new pair of running shoes. I didn’t experience any problems with metatarsaglia and my right Tailor’s Bunionette didn’t speak up at all. So it was a very successful first run. I did like the grip and protection from rocks the Ultra Fly’s gave while running through the dirt road section of the run.

Based on a lot of things that I look at in a running shoe (toe bumper, overlays, heel counter, tongue, etc.), these to me are more road-to-moderate trail shoes than strictly road shoes, which is fine by me. It is the kind of shoe that I need for how and where I tend to run. Although on the tar they did quite nicely too and while they are not Ninja quiet, I was able to run up on a guy parked down-back and startle him as I went by, so they are not overly noisy either.

Although I did have to cinch down pretty good on the laces to get a good heel fit. My hobbit feet always seem to catch up with me those skinny heels and wide forefeet, but at least the toe box was not an issue at all.

Good first run in the Topo Ultra Fly, now to see how they do over the next 400 miles. πŸ™‚

Time to go mow the lawn and get ready for Mary’s homemade pizza and some Woodchuck Hard Cider to wash it down. πŸ™‚

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