Scheduled Rest Day – MT WK1 D7

Today was a scheduled rest day and guess what I didn’t run at all!

Hey, do you believe it – I did what the training plan called for…even as much as I dislike scheduled days off, I gotta get used to it. Well sort of kind of maybe…

Although I didn’t run, there is always something to do around the house:

We don’t have trash service or a dumpster, so that meant a trip to the transfer station after Bennie’s 2.0 mile walk this morning. On the way there Mary was running the Middle Road Loop (it is a tough loop) and I could see she was struggling with the heat. After getting rid of the trash at the transfer station, I went down-back to catch up with her. She readily accepted my offer of a ride.

After that I attempted to fix the weed wacker and got pretty frustrated with it. I am not great at being mechanical. Although I eventually did get the weed wacker fixed so that it actually ran (carbeurator adjustment worked like a charm), which meant that I had to use it to clear some of the tree line in front of the house. Not easy, but definitely needed to get done and will help with some of the creepy crawlies or skeeters that we have wandering around out heah in the country.

Then I had to mow the leech bed, something I do once or twice a summer. It has to be done to keep the trees from growing up on the septic system – it is too expensive have someone else repair – mowing it is a lot cheaper.

Although we have a metal roof it is over 10 years old so some of the seals around the chimneys need a little TLC, which meant roof time to re-seal the seam around the one of chimneys today. I don’t mind working on shingle roofs, but metal roofs scare me, so I am super meechy about getting on ours, even though it is not all that high. I do not bounce all that great.

I will do it, but I am super careful and it takes me about three times as long to do something up there. I got it done and back down on the ground in one piece, so I consider that a successful repair.

This is in addition to watering the garden, dog walking and any of the other things that we have going on around the house.

I have a feeling that some people might think that since it is a scheduled rest day, that I actually got to have a rest day. Unfortunately, when you own a home in the country, there is always something to water, cut, saw, mow, or fix.

Which means while I did not run, I didn’t get to play coach potato.

Probably a good thing, but my honey-do list is “slightly” smaller.

Maybe I should have run, I might have gotten more rest.

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