Gorgeous Weather Up Heah – MT Wk2 D1

Today was planned to be 45:00 minute run at a slower pace and then tonight heading down to Portland to pick-up SD1 & SD2 from the Jetport. I figured that while down there I would do a lap around Back Cove, just because I love running that course whenever I get a chance to.

This morning the weather was fantastic, another one of those top 10 days.

The run this morning went off as planned, a nice and steady 9:00 to 9:20 pace down to Notta Road and back. I did run back up Stevens Hill for the first time in a while. It did not bother the hamstring at all. Which was a great feeling.

Although I am still putting my stretch wrap on for running or other strenuous activities, like weed whacking – yep another hour of beating up on ferns, grass and small trees. Then washing and waxing Clifford – boy he sure is bright red when cleaned up.

This evening’s plans changed due to bad weather down in Atlanta

Instead of heading down to Portland tonight, it looks like a morning run around Back Cove and then picking them up. Although up here it would have been a perfect night for an evening run, but instead I will sit on the couch and relax a little.

Gotta rest up for Quarry Road tomorrow night – after all I am racing a 3K. Well actually I am running a 3K, but not going to overdo things. The hamstring just is not ready for racing or faster stuff quite yet. Soon though. 🙂

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