How Did Marathon Training Week #1 Go?

So my first week of marathon training has come and gone – how DID it go?

I was pleasantly surprised.


Due to our cat house guests and their taking over our guest bedroom, I didn’t use our elliptical at all for cross training. I ran the miles and as the week went on my hamstring began to feel better.

So what did I do this week?

I pretty much did the mileage and what the training plan called for with the exception of speed work. The right hamstring is still a little too tender for that yet. Probably 2-3 weeks away from unrestricted running. However that is great, because I was able to run all the miles – no running equivalents. Which I was very worried about at the start of the week.

The other thing is I have purposely attempted to slow my pace down (that hamstring of mine is helping to slow me down – even if I didn’t want to) on the advice of some people who are a whole lot smarter than I am about running.

Especially, since my primary goal is to finish my marathon in the fall, I do not need to worry as much about how long it takes me to get there. Yes, I do have a secondary time goal. No, it is not BQ pace and I will not let the time thing become a major distraction (like it usually does) to me getting to the starting line healthy and ready to run my marathon.

Even though I did not get on the elliptical at all last week, I still see it being an important part of my marathon training regimen and the running equivalents will be used more as I go forward. That getting past the initial flush of starting something new.

One thing that you will laugh about, but one that I believe helped me as much as anything with my hamstring recovery is the two-a-day sessions I have had with a car polisher. It acts much like mechanical massage tool, something that a physical therapist used extensively on me many years ago that worked quite well for me. All I know is that I have run with less discomfort and pain than I have since the strain occurred back on May 12th since I started using it.

Yeah, it has been almost a month dealing with it and I am on track for a six week recovery to full running. Which is about right for a hamstring strain. Now to not screw it up by being stoopid.

The other thing is I have reduced my running shoe rotation down by quite a bit. I am using basically a four shoe rotation of:

Topo Ultra Fly – I just got them last week and comfortably did 5 & 8 miles in them. They are quickly becoming my go-to shoes for recovery and long runs.

Nike Pegasus 33 Shield – Comfortable and probably more of a longer tempo, faster long run shoes and the shoes I would choose for nasty weather. I will do a few longer runs in them just to see how they do with my right foot. I am not sure of the narrower toe box how they will do.

Skechers GOMeb Razor 2- Faster paced training runs or above 10K racing

Brooks Green Silence – 5K or 10K racing

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised and happy with how well the week went. Hell I even took a day off from running on Sunday, when I felt fine and could have run. Mary even asked if I was going to run or not and looked surprised when I told her it was a planned rest day and I was not running. I did a lot of other stuff around the house, but didn’t run.

This week is already probably going to be a little more difficult to follow the plan with a late night trip to Portland (I will run Back Cove in the evening) and then 3K trail race at Quarry Road Tuesday (which I plan to run at 80% effort). By Wednesday, I will force myself not to run and only use the elliptical. Then I will get back on the training plan again.

A good first week of marathon training, now to keep it going.

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