Experimenting and Quarry Road 3K – MT Wk2 D2 – Part 1

Tuesdays are for running faster – for me, not you. My fast is different than yours and at this point in my life probably just a bit sower, but that is okay, because I am still out there moving along.

Tuesdays are also the Quarry Road Trail Race day and tonight was the 3K edition.

With that all being said at about 10:15 PMon Monday night I got a text from SD2 that they had somehow made their connecting flight in Atlanta and would be in Portland at 12:228 AM. We had resigned ourselves to the idea that they were not getting home until noon Tuesday and had gotten ready bed.

So I had to switch gears, drive an hour or so to Portland, pick the up at the airport and then drive an hour or so back home. We got home just after 2:00 AM and yes, I was pretty damn exhausted by the time we drove into the yard.

However, life goes on and when you have critters, it means that sleeping in is not much of an option so I was out of bed by 7:00 AM for Bennie’s first walk, ate a light breakfast and then take him out for his long walk down to the old cranberry bog and back (about 2.5 miles).

Yes, I was still pretty darn tired, but I didn’t sit down to rest. I knew that if I did that I would be there for a pretty long while – sleeping.

Since it was “faster” Harold day, I snugged up the elastic wrap around the hamstring a little more than I have been and got ready to go. At the last minute I decided to try an experiment and run in the Skechers GOMeb Razor 2’s to see how they did on dirt and rocks.

The “faster” Harold part they handled without any issues. However, for running on dirt, rocks, packed trails or new single track – I definitely have better options. Going up Blake Hill somehow a rock (not a pebble) got stuck in the outsole cut-out and while it didn’t go through it was a great reminder to be more of a forefoot striker for the rest of the run.

When I got to the Town Office, I remembered it was Election Day, thus the reason for the extra traffic down-back and thought that I might well go vote while I was there. It didn’t look super busy and I didn’t stink too badly, well maybe a little, but they could deal with it. When I got to the registration table, they looked at me, took my name and gave me the ballot. Mmmm it seems that they had me registered with the Green Party???

Not sure how that happened, maybe back in the day I checked the wrong box or had an ant up my whinnie, but…oh well, I got to vote on a couple of things, but not for the primary candidates, since there were not any Green Party candidates on the ballot. I have a feeling that I will go in and change my Party affiliation to Democrat or Republican next week. I am fairly moderate (heaven forbid that someone not be at one end of the spectrum or the other – that ideologically pure nonsense), with interests and values that both parties have on their platforms.

Once I got done voting, I got back to running.

Going back on this course is a LOT harder than coming out, plus the temps were rising rapidly and the sun was out in all its glory. Which meant that “faster” Harold became slower Harold pretty damn quickly. I was good on the hills and slowed down and the best part was that when I got done the Hamstring felt pretty good.

I hit a couple of faster points and had probably my best run since before I hurt the hamstring.

However, I will not run on trails in the Razor 2’s and decided that I would be better off wearing my trail shoes, although the Ultra Fly’s would be fine over at Quarry Road. I think I will save them more for road running and longer runs.

I was toast!!!

After the girls left, I stretched out in my section of the couch, Bennie snuggled in beside me and I went away to dreamland for the next hour. Out, gone, never heard nuthin, kind of out. I needed the extra sleep.

Once I regained consciousness we ate lunch and I did some errands in town.

Now is the time to get your pre-paid contracts for heating oil delivery done and I dropped our’s off to Fielding Oil over in Augusta. It might be a tough pill to swallow to pay up front for it now, but when we call in the winter and have a locked in price per gallon already paid for it is nice. Especially with the volatility that today’s political scene seems to be weaving. It does feel good to not have to worry about how to pay for next winter’s heating bill, one less thing to think about.

Then I stopped off to get the Cherokee’s oil changed and see what needs to be done to get it ready for its inspection sticker in the Fall.

One thing I did learn is that my Skechers Go Trail shoes are heat pumps. I wore them just to get my feet used to them in hot weather. Ummm that didn’t work so well, my feet were sweating pretty profusely just walking around in them. When I got home and left sweaty footprints on the floor, I decided that I needed a different alternative for trail running during the summer.

I have a pair of Altra Lone Peak 2.5’s in the closet and figured that the upper would be better for summer running and I would deal with the zero drop on the trails where it really doesn’t matter as much. I put the GoTrail’s in the closet and will save them for winter running.

End of Part 1 – Quarry Road 3K race and becoming a guinea pig in the next part.

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