Slowing Down – A Good Thing – MT Wk2 Day 3

Thank goodness today was a bit more relaxing than the past few have been!!!

Just the normal Bennie walks, a nice recovery run – well let’s just call it a recovery run, a long nap, mowing up the road and a great supper. Yeah, a nice day.

After a 2.0 mile Bennie walk, I procrastinated just a little. Needless to say I was a bit sore from yesterday’s faster run and trail race. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to get out to do my recovery run, because the longer I waited the warmer it got, I just well was not ready to run yet.

Once I got it through my thick skull that I either had to get my arse in gear or I was going to be miserable in the heat, it was too late. The temps had climbed into the 80’s on our thermometer, with bright sunshine. Not what I consider ideal running weather, but you gotta run in the weather you are given (unless it is really stoopid wether).

I headed out the door.

Yeah, it was in the 80’s.

However, I started out slowly and didn’t push the pace. I focused primarily on keeping the Topo’s quiet by not over-striding and attempting to push backwards with my elbows. I think that I did pretty well on both counts.

Going out wasn’t really bad (once I got going), but coming back the heat started to get to me a lot more. I did slow down especially that last mile.

I did what I wanted – finish a 5.0 mile run, without wrapping my right hamstring and not have anything hurt. So at least it has healed enough that I do not have to put stretch bandage for a recovery run.

I am glad things are slowing down a little.

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