Exploring Quarry Road Trails – MT WK 2 D4

This morning Mary was kind enough to do Bennie’s long walk, while I did a run over at Quarry and then head North to spend time with Dad.

The run over at Quarry Road this morning is hopefully going to be part of my weekly training routine going forward. I really think that running trails a couple of times a week will help strengthen the old body, make me think less about my time and besides I like trail running.

This morning’s run had nothing to do with speed, it was all about running hills and Quarry Road has plenty of itty bitty ones and a few that are more than long enough to get my attention. Also I wanted to explore some of the new trails at an easy pace to see what they have done in the past couple of years.

I was impressed with the amount of newer single track that I found, along with the regular trails and how much work that they have had done to them. Quarry Road has come a long, long way since the early days when I started running there 5 years ago.

It was a nice run this morning, the temps were in the 50’s and I stopped to take some photos along the way.

As you can see from the screen shot I didn’t push the pace all that much.

The other thing was that I used my Topo Ultra Fly’s for the trails this morning. Color me impressed, they were absolutely perfect for 99% of what I ran on this morning. The only place I would have liked to have had true trail shoes was crossing a brook down on the single track where the mud was a bit slimey.

Otherwise they did exceptional, especially going down hill – although they were a little slappy when I didn’t lean down the hill and began overstriding – that is a form problem, not a shoe problem.

Overall, a really nice run, where I got in a couple more miles than the plan called for, but I didn’t feel beat up at all when I finished.

Now to get to the more mundane part of the post and not running related, but it is a part of life and important to me.

After I finished up at Quarry Road I headed north to see Dad. I enjoy seeing him and while I do not go north as much as I should, when I thought about it on the way up to see him, it isn’t something I need to do. I see Dad because I want to see him and hopefully he enjoys seeing me. I think that if we saw one another more often, it would not work for either of us, we are both old farts and hold strong opinions on several third rail subjects. Therefore, I think that quality is better than quantity for both of us.

Plus my Father is a VERY proud man and he doesn’t want to bother or be beholden to anyone and he get kind of pissy if I show up too often.

Also it is difficult for me to see him fade to being less than the vital person he has always been in my life. While he is doing better than anyone would expect him to be physically after all he has been through, each time I go to visit, there are declines that are visible and it does hurt me deeply to see them.

However, today was one of those really good days. We went out to lunch at Irving’s, the waitresses know our names (I went to high school with our’s today), we talked, laughed, even touched on a few third rail subjects without arguing :-). We both had dessert, Lemon Meringue pie, it is part of what we do when we go out to eat together. A small thing, but to me it making a memories that I will keep and continue to do as long as we can. A small tradition for us both to smile about.

During lunch, I asked about what he needed or wanted for Father’s Day and we talked about several things. He doesn’t have a lot of wants/needs, but he kind of blushed and said he would really like a new pillow, muscle rub and some canned goods, because he had a hard time carrying them into the house. Not a problem.

We went to Wal Mart, got everything he needed and a few other things he wanted, while he terrorized the other shoppers with one of the electric carts he uses to get around in now in the larger stores.

On the way back to his house, we talked and agreed that we both liked the men that we had become. We had more than few tough periods where we didn’t like one another all that much, but those days are long past and our relationship is the best it has ever been.

You will notice that I do not have recent photos of my father, I have made a conscious choice to not take photos of him now. Not because I am an asshole or anything, but out of respect for him, he doesn’t like having his photo taken now and I understand why.

Instead I think this one is one that he wouldn’t mind me sharing.

I do not know how much time he will have with us, but for the time that my Father remains with us I do love him and that is enough for now.

I will be selfish and say I hope it is a long time, but I fear that will not be the case and I pray that I am wrong – but at some point it will happen.

However, today was a pretty special day for the both of us and we enjoyed one another’s company and that was enough.

Happy Father’s Day – Dad.

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