Good Run Finally – MT WK2 D5

What a beautiful day!

As you can see bright blue sky, but what you can’t see is the low humidity, glorious temps and a nice breeze.

The run was…well the first one since I screwed up my right hamstring, that I didn’t think about it during the run. That was nice.

Starting out I went easy after yesterday’s longish trail run. I wanted to see how everything felt after running lots of hills. My right hip has been complaining a little more than usual since I hurt my right hamstring, maybe something to do with how I have been favoring the leg a little. However, it was not as bad as it has been and I felt strong and got through the first mile pretty well. The next two were very consistent, so I was feeling pretty good about the run.

Coming back up the hills, I had a real stride not just the survival shuffle that I have been plodding up hills with lately. It wasn’t fast paced, but there was the slightest bounce to my step that was different and nice. When I can do Stevens Hill in a mile and keep it right around 9:00 minute pace, without pushing the effort level super high, things are going pretty well.

Then I did pick it up the last mile, but didn’t push the effort too bad and had 8:14 for the last mile.

It was the first run since my hamstring complaining that I felt like I had a real good run. I just hope that there are a lot more of them on the horizon.

Other than the run, it was just another “normal” for me day around the house. Chores and yard work. However, it is Friday night so homemade pizza and a hard cider went down pretty well.

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