Tough 10.0 Miler in the Heat – MT WK 2 D6

This morning was a bit busy and we had to figure out the schedule for the day. Bennie needed his long walk, so we got going on that and while we were walking Bennie figure out how things would take place. After texting, talking on the phone and stuff – things got sorted out.

Mary would do her workout on the elliptical, SD2 would do a run at her house and I would run from the house towards Waterville. She would leave the house after about an hour and a half to let me get my long run in and then we would go to SD2’s to install her air conditioner.

Okay we had all that figured out, all I needed to do after that was run 10 miles. Only one problem, the temps were already in the 80’s and bright sunshine with a slight headwind. Unfortunately, the route I was going to have to take didn’t have a whole lot of shade once I got off Tiffany, so there was a real good chance of me baking pretty badly.

The first 5.0 miles were pretty uneventful, a quick pit stop at 3.0 miles, then a bit quicker as usual going down Goodhue. Lots of traffic on the Middle Road, which meant a lot of time on the dirt shoulders. That always slows me down.

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