Fathers Day 2018 – MT WK 2 D7

Happy belated Father’s Day to all the Dad’s out there, I was just too tired (actually brain dead) to write this post yesterday.

It was a scheduled rest day yesterday!!!

Hip, hip hurrah and all that other balderdash.

I wanted to run, but after a quick hike, BBQing and lawn mowing, along with a few Bennie walks, well about 5:00 PM, I decided that sitting on the couch wasn’t a bad thing and then I got lazier as the evening went along.

In the morning we met up with SD2 for a walk over on the Colby upper trails. We walked and gabbed a little, but mainly enjoyed the gorgeous weather and chuckled at Bennie’s antics.

Then we were having a nice lunch (the stepdaughts’ father was out of town). Which meant that I got to cook steak, chicken and potatoes on the grill. So of course the propane tank chose that moment to run out of fuel. Luckily SD2’s grill is in storage in our garage, so I appropriated her tank that had some fuel left in it and kept on cooking. It was a pretty great lunch and the Lemon Meringue pie at the end from Governor’s was delicious.

I did get a few running trinkets as Father’s Day gifts to help me enjoy my passion or is it obsession a little more.

Of course after such a heavy meal Bennie and I bonded on the couch for a half hour or so. One of those badly needed naps.

Then I talked with D2 on Messenger for a few minutes.

After that it was time to mow the lawn. I got it done and was pretty well toast – it is not a small lawn and part of my physical fitness plan/routine is that I use a self-propelled walk-behind mower – it takes right around an hour and half to get the whole thing done and when the temps are in the 80’s that last half hour is pretty miserable.

Thank you everyone for making my Father’s Day a quite nice day.

I won’t say that it was actually much of a rest day, but I at least I didn’t run those 3-4 miles that I really thought about doing.

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