Marathon Training – Week 2 6-17-18

Week 2 of my marathon training plan is in the books and again, I ran all the miles. It really is not what I expected when I started this journey towards finishing my second marathon. I figured that with my hamstring strain and how it was feeling before I got started that it would be 50/50 on the elliptical, however, I have been pleasantly surprised that I have been able to run 100% of the plan so far.

How I felt by Sunday’s scheduled rest day.

As I get the mileage up higher, I fully expect to start using the elliptical more, but while I stay in my normal training mileage range of 30-40 miles, I will keep running for as long as the body feels okay.

Notice that I am not saying good or great, I am still battling little niggles in the left Achilles and right hip. Both areas that are weaker links in my running injury history. They are not huge issues at this point, but more something I need to keep tabs on and do as much preventative work as possible, so they do not become more than a distraction down the road.

I met my plan’s mileage goals, plus a couple, when I ran a little more than planned on the trails at Quarry Road on Thursday. Speaking of Quarry Road, I ran in a 3K trail race there on Tuesday night and was humbled by the “easy” trail race course very quickly. Any aspirations of being something more than I am (an old fart), were dashed against the bumps and rocks on that course damned quickly.

It is good to be humbled, especially when I am not perfect in every way. Sometimes you just need a wake-up call to what kind of shape you really are in, versus the Superman you think you are in your fantasy world.

The hamstring is doing much better and I even had a run or two that felt like I had a normal stride again.

One thing that I did learn – again. I think every year you have to re-experience a long run in 80*F plus temps to remember how miserable it feels to be out there running along in the heat, sunshine and baking on the black top. Yeah, I finished the 10 miles the plan called for and then stopped, it was enough punishment for one day.

I am going to change my long run day from Saturday to Thursday. It seems that weekends and our schedules are such that it will just be easier for me to get the long run done during the week. When I look at the schedule, Thursdays seemed to be the best day for it.

That frees up the weekend for other things that seem to take priority over me running for one and half to three hours at a time.

When I went up to take Dad out for lunch Thursday, he raved about something called Blue Emu rubbing cream and claimed that it is making a huge difference in how his legs are feeling – for the better.

When we went shopping for him, he got two more jars of it and talked me into trying it myself. It seems to use a different method than most rubbing creams and is not for immediate relief, but more of a long-term solution. So I will give it a couple of weeks of using it 2-3 times a day and see if I am still whining about some of my little niggles that I am whining about today.

It would be nice if it worked, but I am not holding my breath – either.

For running shoes, I have been pretty much satisfied with the Topo Ultra Fly’s, although on Saturday’s long run my left Achilles started to bother a bit.

I wonder if running exclusively in the lower 5mm drop shoes for the last part of the week had something to do with that little niggle?

This week I will try rotating my higher drop Pegasus and use the Green Silence for my faster work Tuesday morning and then go back to the Ultra Fly’s for Quarry Road’s 5K trail race this week. Then alternate between the Ultra Fly’s, Pegasus 33’s and RoadHawks for daily runs. I am planning on using the Ultra Fly’s for this weeks long run to see if the Achilles issue was a fluke or shoe related.

Right now I am still experimenting with what shoes work best for my long runs and daily stuff. I have a pair of GRR7’s I am saving for a little longer before I start running in them – I ran really well in my long runs earlier in a similar model, but the durability for me was lacking in the first pair. I want to see what the Topo’s do, before I bring them out of storage.

Overall, I have been very happy with my progress that I am making on this marathon training plan. No, it has not been all peaches and cream, but I am making progress.

Inspite or despite some of the inner demons that are starting to pipe up and tell me that I can’t do this training plan. That successfully training for the marathon is something beyond what I can do. Yeah, those wonderful voices of doubt are starting in already and I haven’t even had a bad week yet. 🙂

I have to keep these inner demons at bay and quiet, by successfully completely the plan one day, one week at a time and being flexible in how I do it.

I am still working the plan, so that is being successful.

Now that Father’s Day is over, I can get back to eating a little more normally and loose the extra lard that has accumulated this week.

Now on to Week 3 – at least it is cooler this morning and it did rain, so this morning’s run should be pretty good.

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