Rainy Start – Rainy End – MT WK3 D1

This morning we woke up to some badly needed rain, so Bennie and were lucky enough to get out during the worst part of the rain – of course. We still did the whole mile, but got a bit wet walking out there.

By the time we got out for his long walk the rain had stopped, but the humidity was ramping up and the bugs were definitely out and about attempting to draw blood at the least convenient time possible. We survived the walk and both got ready for our runs.

I planned on doing 5.0 and decided that it was time to do the Middle Road Loop for the first time since I strained my hamstring while doing it. Today was supposed to be a nice easy run and I wanted to keep it over 9:20 pace.

Starting out was slower and coming down Philbrick Hill I sped up a little, but kept it just over 9:00. However, the humidity felt pretty much like it was 100%, when I checked Garmin it said 73%, which I think was a bit low. Luckily since I was going slow the humidity didn’t effect me as much as usual.

I was able to maintain a stride and decent going up the hills versus moving into survival shuffle going up them, which surprised me. Since I have been doing that since last year on any kind of hill, so it is encouraging to be able to run up one and keep the head up. Hopefully, it is a good sign moving forward – we will see.

Keeping my easy runs slower is something I am working hard on. Instead of my “easy” runs being in the 8:30 – 8:40 range, I would like to slow them down to 9:20 – 9:40 range – at least. I have to make the easy runs easy, so that when I do my quality workouts that they are a higher quality than they have been before.

Overall, I think it was a nice run, which is how I should see my “easy” runs – they should only be nice.

I did run in the Nike Pegasus 33’s and they felt fine going at the slower pace. No issues with my left Achilles’ tendon and the right hip is feeling a little better. I think that I gotta rotate my running shoes versus primarily running in a single pair.

I need a shave.

Also I used my new Ultimate Direction race belt and I liked it, although I think I might have gotten the med/large one as the small/medium doesn’t have a lot of adjustments left. I did like how it held my phone and how I was able to cinch down my anti-dog spray. I think that I will like the belt just fine, especially if I loose a couple inches off my waist, which is something that I would love to do and maybe wearing this a lot will be a good reminder that I need to.

Good day for a run.

Oh yeah, for Bennie’s 4:00 PM walk, it was raining again and Bennie was not all that thrilled about walking in it again. So we waited about an hour and it stopped long enough to get nice walk in.

2 thoughts on “Rainy Start – Rainy End – MT WK3 D1

    1. There are differing opinions and a bit of controversy on whether easy miles are just junk miles, so that depends on who you are talking to and what their goals are. However, I think that all miles are good miles and you have to do a certain amount to meet your goals, with appropriate levels of rest added in when necessary. Maybe quality is a poor choice of words and specific workouts that are longer or faster is better, since it does not put down the “easy” runs, which I tend to enjoy doing more than some of the specific workouts that I need to achieve my personal goals.

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