Recovery Time – MT WK3 D3

After yesterday’s almost 35,000 steps which included a morning speed work session, mowing the margin and then going to Quarry Road for a slightly long 5K trail race, today was a much needed recovery day.

This morning when I got out of bed, I could tell that I had overdone things just a bit by the way my lower back (running too damn fast downhill does that too me), right hip and surprisingly my left hamstring/Achilles. They didn’t hurt, it was just soreness that went away once I used the car polisher on them, but I still felt tired.

Which meant a slowish 5.0 miles

During Bennie’s long walk Mary and I discussed our day’s/workout plans and I was torn between going into Waterville for a flatter i.e. easier 5.0 or doing my run down to Davis Dr. via Tiffany and stopping at the lower gate, so I wouldn’t have to run up Stevens Hill.

After talking with her, I decided that it was too much work to drive in, run and drive back, especially when the electrician would be here around 1:00 and I wouldn’t be leaving the house until 10:30.

So I did the Davis Drive out and back.

Nothing special, I forced myself to slow down the first three miles, I kept inching the pace up even though the legs were still pretty tired.

I think it had something to do with the idea it was my first run in my Gray Skechers GoRun Ride 7 that I got last month and have been saving to run in. I decided last night that while the Topo Ultra Fly’s are great shoes for slower paces, they are not all that speedy. So I decided to get out the GRR7’s I had squirreled away and will be alternating them into the rotation.

The only thing I dislike about the GRR7’s is the boring colorways that are available.

Although I will take the performance over glitz, since there is just something that is right with the GRR7’s for me. Now I will see if they hold up better than my first pair, since I m not using elastic laces. With regular laces my feet felt more secure and my heel didn’t have that loosely-goose feel that my first pair did.

Today’s run re-affirmed that that if I had to choose a shoe to run my marathon in today they would be my first choice. They just feel right and I will probably have to buy one more pair in August to have them ready for the big day.

On the way back I did slightly pickup the pace to a sub 9:00, but I wasn’t trying run very hard and I had loosened up the old body enough that I could stride without anything holding me back. I did have to keep reigning myself to slower pace.

It had to be the shoes :-).

A nice recovery run, but I still had the electrician coming and had to mow down to the property boundary, so while it was a recovery day, as of writing this I am already up over 25,000 steps for the day.

Summer is a pretty busy time of year and with this kind of weather, I prefer to be outside enjoying it.

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