Long Run Reality Check – MT WK3 D4

Today was vehicle repair day at ACAR in Augusta and I really didn’t feel like sitting in the waiting room for 2-3 hours while they worked on the Jeep GC. Which meant that I would Go For A Run.

It also is the first day of changing my long run to Thursdays.

So everything really worked out quite nicely. This way I got a long run in without having to do Bennie’s long walk and didn’t have to worry getting back in time to have lunch with Mary (something that we attempt to do daily).

I headed down the road towards Gardiner. Downtown Hallowell is still a mess from all the construction, so I went along the driveways by the river. Once I got through there and got down on the Rail Trail, I sort of just put the brain and body into auto mode until I got to 3.0 miles and had to make a mad dash to find a tree to hide behind. Continue reading “Long Run Reality Check – MT WK3 D4”