Long Run Reality Check – MT WK3 D4

Today was vehicle repair day at ACAR in Augusta and I really didn’t feel like sitting in the waiting room for 2-3 hours while they worked on the Jeep GC. Which meant that I would Go For A Run.

It also is the first day of changing my long run to Thursdays.

So everything really worked out quite nicely. This way I got a long run in without having to do Bennie’s long walk and didn’t have to worry getting back in time to have lunch with Mary (something that we attempt to do daily).

I headed down the road towards Gardiner. Downtown Hallowell is still a mess from all the construction, so I went along the driveways by the river. Once I got through there and got down on the Rail Trail, I sort of just put the brain and body into auto mode until I got to 3.0 miles and had to make a mad dash to find a tree to hide behind.

Once I got that done, I went back into one step in front of the other until I got down to Gardiner. I was aware, but drifting more than focusing on running.

I did go around Downtown Gardiner and had a guy about my age who was cleaning his shop window, tell me that “I needed to pickup the pace just a bit”. I laughed and offered to let him show me how much faster I needed to run. We laughed and he said I was going more than fast enough in that case. 🙂

On the way back somewhere between 6/7 miles my left Achilles/ankle began to bother just a bit and by the time I got to 10 miles, it was bothering just a bit more than I want to deal with. It does impact my stride, which is not a good thing. This could be the one thing that derails this marathon bid. I do pretty well getting to double-digits, but seem to pay for it once I get into the bigger miles and I have not gotten into the big miles – yet.

The Topo Ultra Fly’s did fine until I got up around 6/7 miles when the same as last week my left Achilles/ankle began to bother. It wasn’t as bad as last week, but it wasn’t what I had hoped for this week. I am hopeful that getting back into the GRR7’s for my long runs next week will be part of the solution.

If it comes down to running a marathon this year or continue running going forward, but without big miles, then there is not really any choice, since I plan to be running until I can’t.

Coming back through Hallowell, the sun came out and going back up the hill to ACAR, I did slow down quite a bit.

The Reality Is That

While I completed the 11.0 miles that were in my marathon training plan for week three, it wasn’t the run that I really wanted, with how my left Achilles/Ankle felt during the last part.

Being able to run a half marathon with that kind of feeling in my lower left leg is one thing, doubling that distance with that kind of discomfort which only gets worse the further I run with it – well I am unwilling to risk being on the shelf long-term.

However, I am fairly confident that my rehab work on the left leg and getting back into the GRR7’s for my long runs, I will move forward with my marathon training. Either way I will be resilient and whatever the body let’s me do well, I will keep doing.

That includes finishing a marathon this Fall.

I am learning a lot about this old body during my long runs – they let you know where you really are versus where you want to be.

Long runs are my reality checks.

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