A Pretty Good Run – MT WK3 D5

This morning Mary and I were walking on Bennie’s long walk – it was absolutely gorgeous outside. Mid 60’s, bright sunshine, low humidity and a light breeze and I decided that I didn’t feel like running on the hills around the house after yesterday’s long run.

Which meant that I had a choice of running in Waterville or running in Waterville, since I ran in Augusta yesterday. I know that I had said that I would like to do a second trail run during the week, but since I changed my long runs to Thursday and Fridays are now a rest day. I didn’t feel like running trails today – also it would have meant running hills and the legs didn’t need that this morning.

So I went to Waterville, what an original idea – right!!! 🙂

One thing I did differently today was wear my Skechers GoRun Ride 7’s Gray – for the second time. I haven’t been totally happy with the Topo Ultra Fly’s on my long runs and wanted to see if the GRR7’s felt any better. Continue reading “A Pretty Good Run – MT WK3 D5”

Topo Ultra Fly v1 – 50 Mile Review

Another review of the previous version of a running shoe. I figure that a lot of runners buy the older shoes, like I do, once they go on sale.

The Topo Ultra Fly v1 is a shoe that I have wanted to try since it came out. However, I couldn’t justify the full retail price to experiment with sizing and feel, on shoes I had never seen in person.

So I have been waiting for the price point to get down to the $50-70 price range that is a little easier to swallow when experimenting with a shoe I haven’t been able to put my hands on or feet in. Especially, if they do not work as planned for me.

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