Doing Battle with Winged Critters – MT WK3 D7

Usually the day after a rest day, I have a good run…well today was no exception. Yeah, I had a pretty good run down to Pepin and back up Philbrick Hill. Nope, I didn’t set any course personal bests or cruise to any land speed records, it was simply a good run.

Let’s back up a little.

Mary went over to SD2’s walk the dogs with her, so Bennie and I were left to figure things out for ourselves. So I let him decide on where to go this morning – mmmm big mistake.

He wanted to head down-back, which is usually my preferred place to take him. Unfortunately, last night it rained quite a bit – nope it wasn’t muddy, but those flying critters that want to suck your blood were massed to attack Continue reading “Doing Battle with Winged Critters – MT WK3 D7”